Jerk Chicken

This jerk chicken is tasty, moist and spicy. These can also be cooked on the barbecue for a delicious charcoaled taste! Serves: 2 Prep Time: 10 Minutes Marinade Time: 1 Hours + Cooking Time: 45 Minutes Difficulty: Easy. Ingredients: 5-6 spring onions (roughly chopped) Thumb-sized piece of ginger 3 garlic cloves 1/2 a small onion 2 scotch bonnet chillies 1 tbsp thyme leaves 2 tbsp … Continue reading Jerk Chicken

KFC Chicken

Tastes like the real deal! Serves: 2-4 Prep Time: 15 minutes + marinade overnight Cooking Time: 15 minutes per batch Difficulty: Easy Ingredients: 300ml Butter Milk 8 Chicken Drumsticks 2 eggs 100g plain flour 2 tsp salt 1 tsp celery salt 2 tbsp garlic salt 2 tbsp paprika 1 tbsp Mustard Powder 1 tbsp Ginger Powder 1 tbsp White pepper 1/2 tbsp black pepper 1/2 … Continue reading KFC Chicken

Cheat Recipe: Hot Chicken Wings

Tasty spicy chicken wings that are super easy to make Serves: 4 Prep Time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: 30 minutes per batch Difficulty: Easy Ingredients: Chicken Wings Hot Buffalo Sauce (we use Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Wings Sauce which is awesome!!!) Butter, large knob of Method: Preheat oven to 200 Deg C. Find the joint between the wing tips and wingette and chop the wings tip … Continue reading Cheat Recipe: Hot Chicken Wings

Saffron, Pistachio & White Chocolate Cookies

These cookies are so moreish and easy to make! Makes: 15-20 Cookies Prep Time: 20 minutes + overnight Cooking Time: 12-15 minutes per batch Difficulty: Easy Ingredients: 30ml milk big pinch saffron 220g butter, melted 1 large egg 100g golden caster sugar 100g light brown soft sugar 300g plain flour 1/2 tsp baking powder 200g white chocolate 100g pistachios, roughly chopped Salt Method: – Warm … Continue reading Saffron, Pistachio & White Chocolate Cookies


Located in the south-west of France on the banks of the Rover Garonne is the industrial, student city of Toulouse. Toulouse was an impromptu break for us, based primarily on it being one of the cheapest flights available (under £200 for both of us) to a country with food that we love. We departed on 12th June and returned on the 15th. The Hotel We … Continue reading Toulouse