Bengal Village

On Saturday we decided to explore Brick Lane in East London. Being curry lovers and living (relatively) close to London, we thought it apt to have a curry from there.

Brick Lane was, as imagined, a long drawn terrace of curry houses, all trying to out-do each other and all offering us something extra with our meal (‘free poppadums’, ‘2 free bottles of wine’…). After much deliberation we decided upon Bengal Village due to it promising 2 free bottles of wine (which we later changed to beer) and because we were getting rather peckish.( In hindsight free alcohol may not have been the best reason to visit a restaurant).

We were rushed in and given a seat and a menu pretty quickly. To my dismay though, the menu was the shortest I have ever seen in a curry restaurant. I’m used to pages upon pages of different dishes listed with their various levels of spice, admittedly, when I get a curry I usually opt for my favourite, a Roganjosh, however I like to have a choice. Bengal Village, did not offer us much choice at all. Some of the firm favourites like Madras, or Rogan or Danksak were absent from the pages and most of the choices were just lots of takes on a tikka masala. Perhaps I’m being ignorant and this was a true curry house experience although I feel that’s unlikely.Despite this initial let down, I vowed to give Bengal Village the benefit of the doubt, after all, I hadn’t actually tried the food yet. So I chose a lamb biryani which came, like all biryanis, with a vegetable curry. To accompany, some naan bread…

The Verdict:

The biryani was not too bad. It had some flavour but compared to others that I have had, it lacked the flavour that a dish that dry really needs.It was very much on the bland side. The vegetable curry did complement the biryani well and had a nice spicy kick to it, but it didn’t pack an almighty punch. It, also did not really have many vegetables in it. Overall the curry was distinctly average.That, doubled with the poor menu choice, means that I am unlikely to go back again.


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