New Changes

One day, a few weeks ago, I was casually browsing through the web looking at flood blogs and came across ( For those who don’t know, it shows the best food blogs of that week. I found it interesting just how many people had food blogs and also started to question why my food blog isn’t on there. It slowly dawned on me that I was being very egotistical because FAD Hopppers isn’t very food blog like. Instead It’s just a list of awesome recipes which will hopefully keep growing. However,  I am going to make some changes to give it more of a food blog feel:
I am going to keep the core format of the recipes however I will provide added details such as such as prep times and how many it serves. This change will also be made to the current recipes on here.
In addition, I have noticed that other food blogs have a more in depth introduction to the recipe that they are about to present.I suppose that is what it makes it into a blog. Therefore I am going to adopt this style as I think its ace. I am not going to go back over the previous recipes and do this, as writing what you were doing, how you fancied doing the recipe, in the past would just be so forced. Therefore, I will do it for new recipes
I am going to include restaurant recommendations which will focus on the positive and not the negatives of restaurants. Essentially just places I think would be fantastic to eat at.
Food Events/ Exploration
I will write about food events such as food festivals. Moreover I will discuss my culinary delights abroad and its impact on my cooking.
Plus much more…..
Enjoy the new FAD Hoppers 🙂
Hopping between cuisines.

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