Il conto, per favore (part 2)

Two words to describe Venice would be romantic and expensive. We arrived in Venice on the Wednesday by train from Rome. We decided to take the taxi bus to the hotel, which was awesome. When we arrived at the hotel, we chilled for a bit and then explored Venice for a restaurant. It was raining which hastened up our decision to enter a restaurant on the grand canal. We were both very wary of the restaurant we chose. It did look nice on the outside but on holiday, I have found, if the location is great, the food can be poor. However, this was not the case with this restaurant. For my starter I had carpaccio and main I had squid ink cuttlefish with Polenta, as shown below.

My girlfriend had a meat platter for starter and seabass with zucchini (courgette) for main. We both agreed that the food was great but not the best that Venice had to offer us. As it was raining, we decided to not explore more of Venice and call it a night.

The next day we hit the breakfast in the hotel, which was nowhere near as good as the one in Rome. After the disappointing breakfast we rocked up to a couple of art garlleries. One of the galleries was a Guggenheim art gallery, which I had been to in New York. The one in new York was better, I have to say. After the art galleries, we found a restaurant where we both had pizzas. This was our second and only time of having pizza in Italy and I think we were both disappointed with both pizza times we had. This time I had pizza diavolo and my girlfriend had Proscuitto pizza. We both enjoyed a beer with it, which turned out to be nicer than the pizza.  Afterwards we went to San Marco and visited the church and then had a drink on the square. This turned out to be the most expensive drink ever! Two drinks came to 40 euros in total. A beer cost 11 euros!!! After the expensive drink we went back, chilled, changed and went out for a meal. We decided to just randomly walk and find a restaurant t. This turned out to be the best restauran that we visited in Venice.  For starter I had an antipasti meat platter and my girlfriend had a caprese. Together for our main we had a langoustine risotto with zucchini (courgette), which was delicious! Afterwards we went on a romantic beautiful gondola ride at night and then to a bar near the hotel and had a nightcap.

Friday, the final day in Venice was spent visiting another island, walking around and enjoying views at the top of churches. We experienced a bus boat too, which was rather fun. Turning any form of transport into boat transform makes the transport ten times more fun. For lunch we shared a prosciutto with mozerella and a seafood risotto. We also had a half litre of wine with our lunch. During the afternoon we walked around some more and went to Harrys bar for a famous bellini. I  had never heard of bellini before Venice but seeing as it was famous and Harrys bar had invented it, we thought we would have to try it.

The bar itself is very bland and boring. There was no character to it at all. I was very let down by harrys bar as it was the creator of Carpaccio. In addition, they would not allow us to take photos so the above photo is not from the bar itself.

So the running total of alcohol is half a litre of wine and two glasses of bellinis. After Harrys bar, we walked around some more, chilled and changed at the hotel and then went to a restaurant recommended in the guide book named Alla Rivetto. This was the worst mistake ever made by a person in Venice. This restaurant was dire, dire, horrific, bad, just plain plain bad! The service was so quick and the waiter had no interest in either of us and the food was just offensive to my taste buds. For starter, me and my girlfriend shared a meat platter, which was covered in too much olive oil. For main we both had some kind of fish with some kind of potato which was just dreadful. For dessert my girlfriend had a tiramisu, as it was recommended by the guidebook also.

We also had a half litre of wine. The running count is now at 1 litre of wine and 2 bellinis. After the miserable restaurant we went to a bar and had 1 and half litres of wine, which brings running count to 2 and half litres of wine and 2 bellinis. We finished the night off with night cap of 2 triple Limencellos bringing the grand total to 2 and half litres of wine, 2 bellinis and 2 triple limencellos, making me a very poorly man that night and the next day.

That is the end of Venice.

In summary, on food trust Rome’s guide book and trust your own instinct in Venice and you won’t go far wrong

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