Good Food Show

A couple of Sundays ago I went to the Good Food show in London. I was so enthusiastic about this and had been looking forward to it for weeks, if not months. I had it planned perfectly. Me and my girlfriend would turn up about lunch time, look around for a bit, watch John Torode and Gregg Wallace at 1.30PM, have some lunch and then explore more then leave.

 One thing that I should stress at the beginning is that it cost about £10 for the event.

We left our flat about 11, and ended up at the Good food show at about 12.30, which meant 45 minutes of exploring before the show. The basic event was a big big room full of food stalls. The first food stalls that we saw were a couple of cheese stalls where I tried some blue cheese for the first time. I’m not a big fan of cheese and I wasn’t converted. Next came the alcohol stalls and we tried some toffee flavoured vodka. I’m not a big fan of toffee ( there is a pattern emerging that I am a fussy person) but I have to admit, I enjoyed the vodka. We also tried pre-made cocktails which tasted average. What is the point of premade cocktails though? They are so easy to make yourself at home!

We tried another couple of samples as well such as sausages, nuts etc. Then we saw a little stage show where at 12.45 the winner of 2012 Masterchef , Shelina Permalloo was making a dish. We hung around and watched her for about 5 minutes. She was making a dish from Masterchef, which was a tad uninspired by her. It was also hard to hear hear as we were quite far away and the acoustics of the event weren’t great.

 We decided to pop along to the taste theatre after 5 minutes of watching Shelina. On the way we spotted a wine stage where a wine expert from Saturday Kitchen was answering questions. We watched the wine expert for a few mintues and left as we were quite far back again and couldn’t hear properly. Also I am not that enthusiastic about wine. I like drinking wine but my taste buds aren’t sophisticated enough to distinguish specific flavours in wine. So hearing about wine wasn’t top of my agenda. We didn’t stick around and bought some Macaroons  Earlier this year we haad travelled to Nice on holiday and tried Macaroons for the first time. They were fantastic. These Macaroons were awful in comparison.

 Then we went to the taste theatre and watched John Torode and Gregg Wallace. They came onto Gangnam style which was highly entertaining. They were cheecky chappies and quite entertaining to watch but the food they were making was dull, not very adventurous and didn’t get any of my cooking blood flowing. I wasn’t inspired to go home and want to create lots of new dishes from John and Gregg. John made surf and turf. Surf and Turf?!? Surely anyone knows how to cook a steak? So disappointed by the food.

 What I learnt there is I’d rather make the Surf & turf myself rather than watch someone else make it.  I wanted them to make interesting food which would make me excited about food. I wanted to go home that evening and cook like I never cooked before. However, after that performance I could have happily ordered a KFC and been content.

 After the show, with entertaining presenters but lame food, we went to have a lunch in the restaurant area. The restaurant area was three restaurants which were all ridiculously overpriced.  We had to queue to exchange our money for tokens to be exchanged for food. We both ate at Blue Elephant. The food was pretty average to say the least and we paid a fortune for it. It was also small. I had a lamb chop with rice, and the rice was pretty horrid. My girlfriend had a beef curry. Compare this to the previous year and you would see why I was disappointing about this restaurant experience. The previous year my girlfriend and I went to Taste of London, which is a chance to have a small portion, Tapas Sized, of some of the best restaurants in London’s food. These were from Michelin star restaurants and the food was fantastic. We had foie gras and marrow burgers, spicy duck with pop corn, chicken with truffle sauce etc. The food was terrific, we got to see excellent chefs and what was most important we had nice food and it was cheaper!!!

 The best part  of the day, and I mean it was very very very good, was having a oyster each. The oysters were so nice. We both tried oysters for the first time this year and fell in love. These were the best oysters we had tried ever. They were superb! If you have not tried an oyster, try one now, try one now, try one now!!!

 We walked around for a bit longer but were tired of the vultures (public) trying to take all the free samples and pushing and barging past. So we left without buying anything and with disappointment  in our hearts.


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