Cracking time in Krakow – Day one

For a mini break my girlfriend and I went to Krakow for a holiday. Why people may ask. The simple answer is it is a cheap destination with lots of lovely sights to look at. We departed on the Sunday morning at 8am, meaning we had to wake up at 5am!!! 5am!!!! I have a simple rule. If I wake up before 6am, I generally hate it. We were both good and went to bed early, about 10pm. We were especially good because we were out with friends, had 10th burger, out of London’s top 10 (which was a little dry) and alcohol so it had been the set up for a good night. As I already said though we were good, left early and in bed by 10pm.

We arrived at lunch time and the first thing we did, after going to the hotel and taking some photographs, was head into old town for lunch. We decided we would try some cheap polish food. We ended up at a restaurant with interesting wooden statues of kangaroos. I had meat filled dumplings, which I didn’t enjoy but that was my mistake because I don’t like dumplings. My girlfriend had pork on loaf with sauce, which did what it said on the tin. I thought it tasted a lot nicer than mine.

Afterwards we walked around the main market square and in the cloth market to get a vibe of the place. Then we went out, chilled and looked at restaurants in the guidebook to decide where to go that night. We decided to go to Pod Sloncem. We googled directions as we had free wifi (huzzah) and then we went on our way to find the restaurant. We walked past it as it was down an alleyway the first time but then we walked back and found it! We went down some stairs and sat down and ordered. The starter came out very quickly, which was goulash in a loaf of bread. It was so tasty. If only it was a bit bigger then we would both have had it for main.

The main was an interesting dish. We ordered a polish dish called Shaslik (find out name) which turned out to be kebab. I ordered pork kebab. It came with a choice of sides and sauce. My girlfriend chose rice and I chose chips. The mound of chips was massive beyond belief. Neither of us particularly enjoyed the main but that could be down to poor selection and not knowing what shashlik meant.

Afterwards we walked around then went home and to sleep.


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