Cracking time in Krakow – Day two

On the Monday morning we went down for an early breakfast so we could explore the castle early. The breakfast selection was average at best. Luckily for both of us are we’re not big breakfast lovers and could suffice on what they had to offer for example, toast and an apple. After the average breakfast, we headed off to the castle. The disappointing aspect of the castle was that as we went out of season half the interesting attractions were closed such as dragons cave. Who doesn’t want to go to a dragons cave?!?

Afterwards we went to lunch at a French bistro. We both had duck with pomme puree, or to any common folk mash potatoes. The dish was fabulous and tasted lovely. I have never had an egg on top of mash before and I thought it was an excellent combination. It came with an odd seasonal veg of brussel sprouts which is not my, nor my girlfriends favourite vegetable. However, the whole dish was presented beautifully and tasted wonderful.

Afterwards we walked around a museum underneath the cloth market, which was about Krakow. It had lots of interactive screens with information and a lot of exhibits all dotted around. There was one exhibit with two screens where you could see yourself and a timer counted down. We had no idea what it was for. If anyone does, answers on a postcard please.

After the museum we did some souvenir shopping in the cloth market and we did the traditional thing of buying a shot glass. By this time it was an annoying time of 4PM. Why is this annoying? It is too early to go back, chill and get ready for the night out. It is too late to go for a half an hour walk to look at the Jewish Ghetto and look around a synagogue or two. This left only one option which anyone would do; having a drink or two in the main square and chat the afternoon away. We sat with great views in the market square, if not a bit cold. We had to dive into a couple of blankets and by an electric heater, plus put hats, gloves and scarves on.

Afterwards we went back, chilled and planned a restaurant. The restaurant we planned, which was Krakow’s top restaurant, was closed. We searched around and ended up in a restaurant named Marmalade. For starter I had my good old favourite starter, which is not polish at all, Carpaccio. My girlfriend had tomato soup.

For mains I had sweet goose (goose with a blackberry sauce) and my girlfriend had wild boar with apple sauce. We both found our mains a little too sweet. However, with my girlfriends main came Quinoa. This was her first time trying it and she enjoyed the superfood (yes it is a superfood).

After the restaurant we went to a dead bar, had a cocktail and then left and went to sleep!


2 thoughts on “Cracking time in Krakow – Day two

  1. As to the exhibit you mentioned: if you hold the booklet you got with your museum ticket in a proper way in front of the screen, on the screen you can see yourself holding a 3D model of St. Mary’s, Cloth Hall, etc. The effect is interesting but I always feel awkward standing there brandishing the piece of paper 🙂

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