Cracking time in Krakow – Day three

Early early start Tuesday as we had a day out at Auschwitz and a Salt Mine, which started at 9AM. I am not going to dwell on Auschwitz for long because it was very depressing, sad, heavy etc. An example of this is a room with a window. Behind the window was 100s and 100s of small shoes which would have being taken off children before they were killed. It was interesting and depressing and god knows how a human being can do such a horrific thing to another human being. After 3 hours of Auschwitz we got back on the tour bus and were on the way to the salt mine. On the way, the tour group gave us a packed lunch which consisted of a cold chicken pasta salad, cheese sandwich and a chocolate wafer bar. This is where my fussy side will start to appear. I didn’t touch the cheese sandwich, ate a third of the pasta and the whole wafer bar. The food wasn’t great.

On the other hand, the salt mine was great. The salt mine is stunning and some of the statues / chapels are beautiful in the salt mine. You are also, and I recommend it, allowed to lick the walls, which taste like salt! The tour guide was great as well, very enthusiastic and cracked a joke or two. The salt mine was fantastic. It was so good; we bought a souvenir bag of rock salt!

By the time the tour had finished and we were back at the hotel, it was gone 7PM. My girlfriend found a few restaurants to look at, to prevent the disappointment of the previous night. We went to each one and one by one, we were crossing them off the list until the last one. We arrived at the last one and thought the menu looked great so we decided to go for it.  For starter I had frog’s legs! This was my first time ever trying frog’s legs. You hear everyone else say it tastes like chicken and I will be no different. It tasted like chicken! It was delicious!

For main my girlfriend and I had the same course which was lamb. This was so disappointing. It didn’t look attractive and didn’t taste that nice. It came with some form of lentil which looked a horrible  grey and didn’t taste much better. I was very disappointed to say the least.

For dessert my girlfriend had a “chocolate fondant” which turned out to be chocolate moose cake. I think my girlfriend was a little sad as she really wanted a traditional chocolate fondant. Afterwards, we hit a bar or two and when we got kicked out we went back to the hotel to sleep. Alcohol was so cheap! It was 1 to 2 pounds for a pint of beer and 80p for a shot of vodka!

The next morning we went back on a plane and flew back to the UK.

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