Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from FADHoppers!

This will be the last blog for the year and what a year it has been! FADHoppers has nearly being going for a year and what started off as a place for recipes has turned into a food blog which includes events, holidays and recipes! I’m amazed how many blogs I have done. It has been more than one a week!

What I would like to introduce in the New Year, as mentioned previously a few months ago, is restaurant recommendations. This will start off in January with the Michelin Star Restaurant Murano, in London. This will be my first Michelin Star experience and I am so excited about it, like you would not believe! I will also branch out and do more desserts and cocktails! I should also make vegetarian dishes, but how likely that is, I have no idea. I really want to improve on presentation as well.

I will also include my life stories rather than stories about how I picked that certain recipe, which may be quite dull.

The main reason for writing this blog, as well as wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, is to show some of favourite recipes of the year.


Scallops and Chorizo

Chilli Squid with Lime Aioli

Tomato and Chorizo Salad


Piri Piri Chicken + Chips

Steak with Red Wine Jus and Fondant Potatoes

Duck with Shallot Puree


Chocolate Fondants

Banana Bread


Enjoy the beer! Enjoy the food! Enjoy the friends and family! Enjoy the presents! If you are religious enjoy the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!
FAD Hoppers will be back in the new year!

Twitter:- @FADHopper

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