Cocktails – Cosmpolitan and Prosecco with lemon Sorbet

First of all I would like to point I know Prosecco with Lemon Sorbet is not technically a cocktail – a cocktail should have 3 ingredients where as this has two. This tastes superb though and would impress anyone. My girlfriend discovered this in Venice on San Marco Square (We also tried Bellinis in Harrys Bar and was disappointed).

So on to cocktails. Before university, I had never really experienced cocktails. I mostly drank larger, alcohopops and vodka and mixers. At university I started to indulge in cocktails – especially from 2nd year when I lived with girls. In my 3rd and 4th year I joined cocktail society. Cocktail society was fantastic. We learnt a bit about cocktails, got to make cocktails and drank some more cocktails and socialised –fantastic concept. One of the weeks there was a competition to create an original cocktail and I won. My cocktail included strawberry, raspberry and pistachio liqueurs – a winning combination. I won a cocktail shaker and muddler which I lost later that night at the university bar (I was sad but for my birthday my amazing girlfriend bought me another set – awesome!) The society also tried a bit of flaring. The move I was trying to learn was bouncing the cocktail shaker off my elbow – quite painful.

My top 5 cocktails are
Midori Sours (Mouth Drawls)
Long Island Ice Tea
Hedgerow Mojitos (Mojitos with Fruit)
Blue Lagoon – With lemonade, not pineapple juice

Sadly I don’t have the ingredients to make all my favourite cocktails but here are the cocktails I have made.


2 parts vodka
1 part triple sec
1 part cranberry juice
1 lime

Prosecco with Lemon Sorbet


Lemon Sorbet


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