Churches, Museums and Schnitzels Part 2

Sunday was a like lot Saturday – Museums, cold and beer. After our lovely breakfast, and putting a mammoth amount of layers on, we went out. Our first attraction was what we think was the Danube canal. We walked to the canal, walked along it and took some photos. Snow was on the ground and it was bitterly cold but it was quite a nice romantic walk as no one seemed to be by the river. I was also impressed with the graffiti on the wall.


 We then walked back to the main strip, had a look at the Jewish monument and went to watch the clock tower at midday. Was it as impressive as the clock in Prague? No. It was ten minutes of boredom. There were twelve characters (each one representing a hour) which moved around slowly and each had a piece of music playing representing the hour. My favourite hour was 8 O’clock. It played a tune I recognised. I don’t know the official version but there is a Simpsons episode (isn’t it great life can always be connected to the Simpsons) where they sung a song with the lyrics “Hail to the bus driver, bus driver man”. The tune was the tune at 8 o clock!!! If anyone knows the name of the tune, let me know.


 After the clock show was over, we had a drink at Starbucks (to warm up) and then searched for a restaurant. We couldn’t find a nice one so we ended up in a restaurant with décor that reminded me of being on a train. We both ordered spaghetti bolognaise and beer. It tasted nicer than it looked (quite nice compared to the schnitzel)


After that we decided to visit another museum. This time it was the natural history museum. I set the challenge of learning a fact each. My girlfriends fact was that a wombats’ (like many rodents) teeth continue to grow through their lifetime to compensate for them eating tough grass and roots. And my fact was the first fossils were from animals over 3.6 billion years ago (impressive facts right?!?)


There were enormous amounts of rocks and stuffed animals in the museum so if you love rocks or animals you could spend a day there easily. We spent a hour or two. After that we chilled out back at our hotel and got ready to have a pre drink then eat schnitzel. We went to Casablanca for a beer and it was a happy hour so it was actually quite cheap! After that we tried to get schnitzel. The schnitzel we were after was the best schnitzel in Vienna. However, the restaurant was fully booked so we ended up at a Greek restaurant named Achilleus, which had some good reviews on the Trip Advisor App. The service was quick but the food turned out to be pleasant. I had a Lamb Shank with potatoes in a tomato sauce which was nice.


My girlfriend had A beef stew with onions (lots of onions) with potatoes. She enjoyed the stew but the vast amount of onions may have been a bit much.


This dish reminded me of a time in Hong Kong where we ordered a beef and mushroom dish. Mounds and mounds of mushrooms came out with 2 strips of beef. Back to Achilleus;  across the road was a restaurant with a TV outside playing the same clip over and over again about that restaurant. One clip was of people walking past the restaurant and not entering (odd advertisement we thought). We started to get intrigued by the restaurant and wondered if anyone would go in (while we sat there, no one did).

After the restaurant we had some more beer (and a disgusting drink of vodka and orange) at a pub near the Om cocktail club. After that we went home and played some more water drinking games (so cool) then went to sleep!

Monday was our final day and luckily we could leave our suitcase at the hotel (always a worry!) We had pretty much the usual breakfast, clothed up and then visited churches. We did three churches. We went to the first church, St Mary’s church, peeked our head around and saw a mass so popped back out again. The second church (which was a top attraction) also had a service going on so we decided to go later. The third church (oldest church in Vienna) was closed. That ended the church section of the day. After that we thought we would try the Schnitzel place, Figlmueller, from last night again. Luckily we got seats as it was a very popular place. We both had schnitzel and these schnitzel were huge. They were as big as the plates! My girlfriend finished hers (win) and I didn’t (lose). In my defense I could have finished but I got so sick of the taste!


After the schnitzel, we walked around but didn’t know what to do. We had done everything in that area and we didn’t have much money left. We went to Starbucks to think it through and have the use of wifi to help us. We forged a plan, a brilliant plan to go on the Ferris wheel. We had enough money for it! Brilliant! So we walked across the Danube (what we think was the Danube) and carried on walking in the cold and windy conditions. We had never been so cold but we knew we could make it. We eventually got there and saw the Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel was in a creepy closed theme park – where horror films start. The Ferris wheel was still running so we paid, leaped on and for 15 minutes saw a great view of Vienna and a great view of the creepy theme park.


After the Ferris wheel, we walked around the creepy theme park, took some photos and headed back. We went back to the hotel, caught a taxi and got on the plane. The plane went through a de-icing station where de-icer was sprayed over the wings (this made me slightly nervous) but the plane was fine and we flew home!


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