Mele E Pere

My girlfriend and I were travelling to Paris on Friday morning at 8am by Eurostar. We travelled up to London the night before so we could get a good night sleep in London before we went to Paris. We decided to book a nice restaurant as well for Thursday night in London. After browsing a few restaurants, we decided upon Mele E Pere.

Mele E Pere is an Italian restaurant and is run by a former chef of Arbutus, which I have previously recommended. I have to admit out of the both, this is the one I prefer. We were running late ( we informed the restaurant) and then they were running late when we arrived so we had to stand at the bar for 10-20 minutes. However, we were given a free glass of wine each, which was fantastic, because of the wait.

We sat down, decided to skip the aperitif, due to the time, and go straight for the starter (we did order a bottle of white wine too).

Starters – what a great idea. There was a fair selection of starters and they suggested that you pick 3 or 4 between 2 to share.

We ordered four starters.

Deep fried squid with smoked aioli

Braised lamb meatballs, chickpeas

Smoked tuna, fennel and blood orange

Finocchiona salame, gnocchi fritti and parmesan
The tuna was fantastic. It was my favourite starter by a long way. I’m not a big fan of tuna but if it was served this way, I would eat it all the time! I’m not a big fan of fennel either but it wasn’t overpowering and complimented the dish perfectly. The dish was fantastic! The other starters were fantastic as well. I am now converted to lamb mince over beef mince!

The main was to do die for! It was…


Charcoal-grilled, 28 day-age, Surrey farm rib-eye (1kg for 2 people), cooked medium rare

This may have been the best best best beef I have ever tried in my life. If not, it comes a close second to the steak I had in New York. It was so tender and amazing. The only bad thing was that I became full and couldn’t eat it all!

Sadly I had no room for dessert, but I did have room for an after dinner cocktail…

Orange Ameretto Sours. Tasted great! It was rather refreshing too.

Overall this restaurant was fantastic and I want to go again. I want to eat steak like that and I want to try and recreate dishes like the tuna with fennel and blood orange! The décor was great, the vibe was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Great start before Paris!


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