Paris – Day One

8am, Friday train to Paris – early start.

We got on the Eurostar and on our coach there was a hen do – scary stuff. The hen was made to wear an Eiffel Tower dress and the rest of the do were wearing typically French clothes such as a beret. They were a rowdy bunch and were egged on by two men. The two men bought the hen 11 drinks! That was a lot of drinks for 10am but that is the way to start a hen do I assume!

We arrived in Paris at 11.30am local time and had to try and navigate the ticket machine to buy metro tickets to the stop near our hotel (Trocadero) We somehow ended up buying a 3 day tickets with the aid of a French kid (Expensive and felt duped even though I probably wasn’t). I had to think that if we got a taxi there and back it would have cost a lot more! With the help of the French kid and 3 metro rides later (with some annoying musicians begging for money) we were at our hotel! It was a sunny but chilly day.

We dumped our suitcases at reception and went on our way to explore Paris. As it was around 12.30 we decided to have lunch around the Champs Elysee area. We saw the Eiffel tower, the river Seine, passed a few expensive shops, passed a few Italian and French restaurants and ended up at a French Brasserie (Correct me if I’m wrong, French Brasserie – a restaurant / bar that open til late?) It was one of the cheaper places and if I’m being honest probably the best restaurant we went to.

It may have been a bit chilly by the door just in a -tshirt and we may have had a table that was rather wobbley (according to my girlfriend as I didn’t notice) but the food was fantastic. We ordered – wait for it- duck Shepherds Pie!


Duck Shepherds Pie was terrific. It tasted lovely. Layer of duck with cheesy creamy mash on top with a jug of great gravy! Even the salad had a nice dressing on! We had it with a jug of wine which went down a treat too!

After that, we went back to the hotel and chilled for a while. We then did, arguably the most recognised object in Paris – The Eiffel Tower. It took about a hour to get to front of the correct queue (we queued in the lift queue to begin with rather than the stairs queue – DOH!). We paid to go to the second level and then we started to climb the stairs. A American group said there were 600 steps up (no idea if that was true or not) but we climbed all 600 and at the top my legs felt it. There were some good views from the top, we took a few photos, had a gaze out and then went down the 600 steps again. We ended up queuing longer than we actually enjoyed the views for, which doesn’t make sense.


We then went back to our hotel (Plaza Tour Eiffel – Jolly nice little hotel with uber friendly staff) where we relaxed and got changed to go back out and eat some lovely French food. As we were both fairly tired, we decided to stay local. After trying to go to a restaurant, which was closed, we ended up at a nice French Brasserie. We ordered a bottle of lovely white wine and some starters


My girlfriend had French Onion Soup – lovely and light (Not my cup of tea – too much cheese, but she liked it)


I had a pork terrine which wasn’t bad. (I’d like to make a terrine one day but we never have enough guests over to make it worth while)


For main my girlfriend had a lamb shank with mash – the lamb shank was awesome (Can you go wrong with Lamb Shank?) but the mash lacked seasoning.


I had confit of duck with an onion and potato thing – the duck confit was awesome (Can you go wrong with cdck confit? Apart from not crisping the skin…)

We were both too full for dessert so we went to the Frogs Pub, had a pint of Natural Blond Frog each and then went home to sleep.


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