Paris – Day Two

We woke up fairly late – Both knackered from the previous day and the early start. We then hopped on the underground and went to the Louvre. We queued to buy tickets to find out we didn’t need tickets as we were both under 26 – DOH! Then we quickly popped into McDonalds to buy some chips for breakfast – Both starving. We then went and did the Louvre. Were we blown away? – No – Seen too many Greek statues, Roman headless statues or just head statues and Renaissance art to be blown away by the Louvre. Fact of the day – The Louvre is the biggest museum in the world with over 14km of space. Over 3500 artifacts are on show which equates to 8% of the overall exhibitions. We saw the famous Mona Lisa – had to push through the crowd to see the Mona Lisa which was a bit odd – felt like a gig over a painting. Best painting in the world? – No.After seeing the Mona Lisa we pretty much left and went to look at Notre Dame.


On the way to the Notre Dame, we stopped at a patisserie and had some lovely lovely Macaroons – I love Macaroons! i first tried them in Nice and they were one of the reasons of going to Paris . I thought I’d see a lot more patisseries then I did though. We bought 4 macaroons – Passion fruit, lemon, pistachio and chocolate banana.


We ate two, looked at the queue for Notre Dame, shook our heads, decided to skip and get some food. We ended up at a nice little French Bistro and had Coq Au Vin and half a bottle of white wine.

The Coq Au Vin was lovely and was a good dish to have because the weather outside was cold and chilly! My girlfriend did give me the compliment that she preferred my Coq Au Vin though!


After the restaurant we had the other two Macaroons then decided to go home, grab some warm clothes and go on a boat tour on the river Seine. We went on the top deck of the boat tour and there were 6 other nutters with us. Two of the nutters were wearing casual clothes you may wear on a normal Spring day, not a Spring that feels like the depth of Winter. The boat tour took an hour, we got to see some sights, learn a few facts and freeze on the top deck. Three quarters of the way through, both of our hands felt like they were going to drop off but by then we were the only two remaining on the top deck. This was it- this was our time. Only another 15-20 minutes or so and we were victorious. Yes – we did it! We were victorious. We stayed on the top deck for the whole hour while the rest of the wimps went downstairs. Was it worth it? – No! – it took forever to get warm in the hotel room before we got changed and went out again.

At night, we decided to go to an area called Bastille because it is the hip and happening place for bars. This did mean however, that we sacrified the food for booze. We ended up at a rubbish restaurant. The menu looked rubbish, the tables looked tacky and the food was abysmal.


My girlfriends main dish was duck confit with dauphinoise potatoes – Soggy skin, nice duck and weird weird potatoes.


I had Steak Tartare – Mega disappointing. It was just raw mince meat with the things that were meant to go into the Steak Tartare (such as capers and onions) on the side! That just seemed plain stupid to me. Why have raw finely chopped onion on the side rather than in the Steak Tartare itself? I’d love to make a Steak Tartare or Steak Carpaccio at home but I’m not sure if I trust steak from Tesco.

My girlfriend had Tarte Tatin for dessert – It had a soggy bottom, looked horrible and had squirty cream (not Chantilly cream as promised). However, it didn’t taste disgusting and it showed potential of what an amazing Tarte Tatin could taste like.

After the rubbish restaurant, we hit the bars and had a few cocktails. We ended up at this one bar which felt like you were in a jungle! It was funky!

Around midnight we went back, hit the frog pub again, had a pint then went to sleep at 2am. We had a nice long lie in and travelled back to cold cold England the next day


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