I am currently away on work and my chance to cook has decreased, hence my number of posts a week is decreasing – but I am trying to still do one post a week!

This week is about Recipease. Recipease is a cooking course which Jamie Oliver owns (no – Jamie Oliver wasn’t there)

My girlfriend and I did this course in Brighton on Vietnamese Street food. Recipease is a shop selling Jamie Oliver products with a few tables and a cooking area at the back of the shop. Yes – people could come off the street and watch you cook but no one did. Prior details to the event: it costs around £35 per person, lasts 2 hours, you cook a few dishes and you get a free beer. We drank the beer before we started the course (error – leave it until the end when you eat the food or don’t be cheap and order more beer). The cooking is done in pairs which I wasn’t expecting. The chef was very enthusiastic and the general idea is he shows you what to do and then you do it. He also gave a few tips here and there which you wouldn’t learn from a cook book, which was great! I will mention more about the tips during the cooking part of the post. I think the set up has pretty much been explained – on to the cooking.

The first dish was pork balls. I’m not going to go into detail how to do the recipe, I am just going to give a flavour of what we did, what to expect and the end result. There were two tasks to be done at the beginning of the pork balls. One person was to chop and the other person was to crush using a pestle and mortar. Examples of food to chop and crush were lemongrass and chilli. A great tip came out about chilli. To find out how hot a chilli is, chop off the top, and put your finger on the chilli membrane, lick your finger and then see how hot it is. This is to determine whether you want the seeds and how much chill is needed. The next stage was for one person to mix the ingredients with pork, honey and fish sauce (we weren’t trusted with mixing pork with the honey and fish sauce so it was already pre-done for you) and then cook the balls. The other person’s task was to chop other ingredients needed for the other dishes. I was slow at chopping compared to other couples BUT my ingredients were chopped finer than theirs so HA. It was not a competition but it did start to feel like one when chopping. Another great trick was how to peel garlic. Chop off the end and then crush it with your knife and the peeling is done for you!

The next course was summer spring rolls with a dipping sauce– one each with 1 and half prawns in. The dipping sauce was to easy to create – boil and reduce a combo of chilli, palm sugar, rice wine vinegar, garlic, fish sauce and water. The dipping sauce was really tasty and one thing I would like to do again. On to the summer spring rolls – firstly, which was interesting, you need to soak the wrappers in water for about 90 seconds. After that, you then fill the spring rolls with the prawns, veg, noodles, chilli, herbs and wrap. I think this dish was the most fun to make! (sorry for the terrible photographs)


The final course was a soup, which I think is a bit of a cop out. The soup was already made. All we did was tear up beef , which was tiny and still had to share in pairs, added some veg and herbs and poured the already made soup over the top.


So thoughts on Recipease: Try it once. It was fun but I don’t have any desire to do it again. The tips were great to learn andit was interesting making summer spring rolls as I haven’t made any before. However there wasn’t as much cooking as I would have liked and it’s cheaper to get a recipe book.

Would I recommend it? Why not! Just once

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