Salt Yard

Noooo. I have failed doing one post a week 😦 My last post was a fornight ago. Ohwell!

Another restaurant recommendation in London is Salt Yard. Terrific food and not badly priced. My girlfriend and I went to Salt Yard


It is on Goodge Street, which is Central London. It is just off Charlotte Street, which was the setting of a Danny Wallace book. After we made this discovery, we had to have a pre-drink in a pub on Charlotte Street. We enjoyed the pint at the pub in Charlotte Street and then went to Salt Yard. When we arrived, we were sat down and was offered some water.

We first ordered a £27 bottle of white wine (which was jolly nice) and enquired about how much to order. We were advised 5 or 6 of the dishes. We went for 5 but we had some bread and salami as well. Here is what we ordered (some of the descriptions are more accurate than others due to memory and internet)

Bread with Olive Oil and Aioli
Marjoram and Chilli Salami

Pigeon with Italian Lentils, White Beans, Beetroort
Chargrilled Iberico Presa with Butternut Squash, Golden Sultanas and Sage
Hand Picked New Forest Crab, Saffron, Pickled Fennel and Watercress
Patatas Fritas with Bravas Sauce and Aioli
Chargrilled Asparagus with truffled emulsion.

We were first given the bread and salami. The salami had a kick, which came from the chilli, and tasted so good.


Then the dishes came out at a dispersed rate, which I preferred as it made the experience last longer.

We started with the crab, which tasted so good. I actually don’t like fennel but if you have read this restaurant recommendation and the one for Mele E Pere, then I think you wouldn’t believe me because the combination was fantastic. In the right hands, fish, or crab, and fennel is a perfect combination. In the wrong hands, it is evil.


This was then followed by the asparagus. I think they decided on the order of the dishes wisely because however nice the asparagus was, and it was, it would not be a amazing dish to end on. (Amazing photo)


Then came the pigeon and it was once again faultless and so tasty. It was my girlfriends first time trying pigeon and this restaurant obviously did it justice. It was rare, moist, tasty and delicious.


Finally came the patatas fritas and the Iberico Presa (pigs shoulder) and the Iberico Presa was definitely the highlight. It was rare, which was suprising but the waitress said the Iberico pig is more like red meat than pork. Words can’t describe how good it tasted. It worked amazing with the butternut squash too! I think I could have eaten this dish until my stomach exploded, like on the Monty Python film.


The patatas fritas were lovely as well but no where near as mind blowingly good as the Iberico Presa.


Afterwards we had dessert. My girlfriend had

Pistachio fudge with Amoretti biscuits.


The fudge was so good, even if the pistachio was too subtle of a flavouring in our opinon.

I had

Mango Sorbet, with Pistachio and soft meringue


Enjoyable but an odd combination I thought.

How much for all that you ask?……. £88!!!

Would I recommend it? Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes an infinite amount of times. You will be happy and your taste buds will be happy!


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