Marrakech Day Two

We started day two with a well deserved lie in. We went down for breakfast around 10 and were given a selection of Moroccan flat bread and some sweet bread, with plums, apricots, natural yoghurt and an orange juice.

After breakfast we decided to go to Kasbah – stands for touristic area – and just go to the first place we stumble across. This is where the exciting story begins

So we start walking down this road in Kasbah. A man tells us that the palace is closed but if you carry on down this road you will bump into the Jewish quarter and get to the synagogue. We thank him and carry on walking down. Two minutes later he magically reappears and tells us to go down a lane on the left. We thank him again. Then twenty seconds later he says he will show us the way to the Jewish Quarter and the Synagogue. He said for ‘No Moneys, No Honeys’– on his way home. We were fools! He was taking us through winding lanes, going right then left etc making us more lost. We were both getting a bit nervous but he carries on saying ‘No Moneys, No Honeys’. He takes us to a bigger lane with tiny spice shops on.

He takes us to a shop and then starts talking through what the shop sells. He shows natural tooth picks, incense stones, incense wood, natural lipstick etc. Then the shopkeeper comes over – his friend – and asks us into the shop. Before the first man leaves, he tells the shop keeper to tell us the exit after we have looked around the shop. Heart beat racing a little faster

He starts explaining what some of the jars are such as saffron, moth repellent. He then states that it is a tradition to drink tea with him so he brings us mint tea to drink. He doesn’t drink any and I have a gulp. He adds a solid that smells like olbas oil to the tea. I have a gulp with the stuff in and my eyes start to stream – Heartbeat going even faster. To my girlfriend he adds rosewater cream to a hand and says her hand will look like a 15 year old hand – Odd compliment.

He then left the shop for a minute and came back with free stuff like the nautral lipstick and toothpicks and two scrubbers? We were screwed. We were conned, hustled and left in a position where we had to buy something. We asked for 2g of Saffron. He tried to give us 14g (1 g at 30 Dirham (Moroccan Money – Money which you have to get in Morocco)). I said too much and reluctantly he put a tiny back while shouting something in Arabic to his brother – Not a happy bunny about us decreasing the amount. We bought the saffron and moth repellent. He had obviously got what he wanted, became unenthusiastic, kicked us out and reluctantly said the way to exit. We hurried out of there and back to the hotel to calm down a little – Yes, it was a new experience we are both not used to.

After that excitement we went to the crazy main square for lunch, on another terrace. My girlfriend had a soup and a tagine. I tried the cous cous. Enjoyable lunch.



Snake Charmers in the crazy square


Then we tried to find jardin Majorelle again via the cyber park of course. After a few wrong turns and some Moroccans spitting on the ground, we ended up at the gardens. They were nice gardens – not a lot else to say on that matter.


On the way back we stopped for another orange juice and chilled out the hotel. We also booked an excursion for the next day – to the Atlas mountains.

That evening we went back to the crazy square, had a meal on one terrace, one of us probably had cous cous and the other a tagine. Lovely again but getting quite hard to differentiate from previous meals.

IMG_1781 IMG_1780

After the meal, we decided to leave crazy main square


Then we chilled on the roof of our riad and look up at the stars.

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