Marrakech Day Four

Final day and we started it in style – lie in. We ended up having breakfast around 10am with bread, apricots, plums and an orange juice.

We decided we’d go around the Souks, buy a cloth, a small salt & pepper tagine and anything else. We started to walk into the souks and tried to get lost, going left and right, this way and that and we saw a small genie lamp on one of the stalls and decided that would be our first purchase. We asked to the owner how much. He said a ridiculously high price and we counter offered him with a low offer. We tried negotiating for a while but we weren’t getting anywhere so we walked off. Two minutes later he came running after us with a lower price. We agreed to a lower price (I probably did pay a little too much though).

The next purchase was a lovely cloth. It started by an owner wrapping a cloth around my girlfriend’s head and fashioning it into different head pieces. We then looked at his various cloth options and decided we liked one. We asked how much it was. He said 450 Dirham. I know they start off high but it still shocked me how high they start it off at. In the end we got it for 160 (good or bad, not sure). After that we decided to leave the Souks. This was a little harder than expected as we were lost.

After a while of being lost, we stumbled across one of Marrakech sites – a old school seeped in history. It was rather dull I thought.


After the school, we found our way out of the Souks with relative ease, bought the salt & pepper tagine close to our hotel for 10 Dirham then chilled out our hotel for a bit.

We then went to have the usual lunch of tagine or cous cous at a terrace.


Afterwards we went back to hotel and deliberated what to do with the afternoon. After some conversation we decided to brave the Kasbah again, not get hustled and try and find the tombs. The tombs were easy to find in the end but once again the attraction was pretty dull and lame.

After the tombs we went to our favourite part of Marrakech – Cyber Park and sat and chilled for a while before going back to our hotel for even more chilling out.

We then ventured out one last time to the crazy square for one last tagine and an underdone lamb kofta and watched the crazy square in action.

IMG_2142 IMG_2143



One last view of crazy square


We shall miss El Fnaa Square!


We walked back to our hotel to for the final time to look at the stars on the roof, we slept, went to airport next day, bought a fake tea pot (not sure what to do with it) and flew home, not fancying cous cous for a long while.


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