Lost in London

First thing – I have the internet back so posts Mondays and Thursdays should resume (all being well and good!)

Secondly – No recipes in this post. This post is about a holiday in London – and trying to revolve the post around food!

So here goes!

I recently moved to London with my girlfriend and we booked a few days off (Friday – Tuesday) to explore a bit and have a good time!

The first day (Friday) started with a long deserved lie in! Usually a lie in is not deserved for me – I’m just lazy but this time it was.

Lets rewind to the beginning of the week – On Monday I had to fly to Glasgow for work. I woke up at 4.30am and finally arrived at work at midday (long story but to sum it up – train hit person, missed flight, catch later flight). I finished work that day at 7.30 in the evening. That is what I call a long day (For some it may not be – for me it really was). I thought the rest of the week would get easier but oh no – The following days I started work at 7.30am and finished at 6pm every day until Thursday. Thursday I finished slightly earlier of 5.45pm but had to catch a plane back to London. I rocked up in my flat at 11pm exhausted, hungry and had some pasta with pesto and bacon.

So yes – the lie in on Friday was needed! Once we finally dragged ourselves out of bed, we decided to try Burger & Lobster in Soho. However, sadly there was a queue so we tried out Burgers & Cocktails instead.

Starter – Spicy Sticky Chicken wings (Yum yum)

Main – Chilli Burger with Jalapeno relish ( So – So)

photo 1 (Custom)

Cocktail – Passion fruit Mojito – (AMAZING!)

We had food reservations for the night so didn’t want to be greedy so we had no dessert.
We left, went home and got ready for the evenings meal and entertainment. (The entertainment shall be revealed later in the post. – I’m turning into a DJ by mentioning something and telling you ages later to keep you reading)

The food was at Social Eating House in Soho.
My girlfriend had

Starter – CLT (crab , lettuce, tomato, roast tomato vinegeirette) – Not a lot of crab I thought for price

Main – Lamb, Aubergine, (menu from photo) – (Lovely)

photo 5 (Custom)

Dessert – none

I had

Starter – Wild boar bolognase (menu from photo) – (cop out with the heart and kidney (did taste nice though))

photo 2 (1) (Custom)

Main – Lamb, Aubergine, (menu from photo) –( Lovely)

Dessert – none

Wine – Sauviougn Blanc (lovely)

Overall Price – £115

Is lovely a bit of a underwhelming status of the food and experience ?– Good! The food was too expensive, service was too quick and food was just lovely.

Would I recommend it? – No

Would I go again? – No

Where would I recommend instead in Soho? – Mele E Pere!

SO the entertainment… drumroll….

Spamalot. – with Les Dennis! Who would have thought Les Dennis. We were both so excited. We watched Celebrity Masterchef that morning where Les Dennis was a finalist (sorry if that was a spoiler but it has been finished for a few weeks so I’m not the one to blame).

Les Dennis made the show!

Overall thoughts – If you have ever watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail then you have watched Spamalot so there is no point in going to see it.

Overall from this post, it sounds like I had a bad day. On the contrary. The day was great! Maybe I’m just quite a negative writer or don’t big up the good bits too much. I shall try bigging up the big bits more

I’ll try in part two


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