Lost in London part two

Friday – Burger & Cocktails, Social Eating House and Spamalot
Saturday  – Grey Skies, food shopping and a night out.
Near to our flat is a Saturday market where there is a fruit & veg stall. We thought we’d try it out with leek & potato soup. We bought the leeks from the fruit and veg stall and were astonished by the price of the leeks and by other items. Three bundles of bananas for £2, potatoes for £1, tomatoes for £2. Cheap, Cheap, Cheap! Quality was great too! The proof of the quality of the fruit & veg is in the eating – soup was lovely! We’ve decided most weekends to buy fruit & veg from there.
We bought meat and other food from the supermarket, Whole Foods (posh supermarket) and Waitrose (posh supermarket).  That was all for the day time.
For the night time, we went out with some friends to a restaurant / fish & chip shop named The Fish Club. There were 5 of us there so I won’t list everyone’s food (probably don’t know everyone’s order) so I will just say mine
Starter – Crayfish cocktail (nice and retro – can’t go wrong)
Main – Prawn and Chorizo Kebabs with Chips (Chips were a let down but oh well – I was full)
Afterwards we went to a pub and played cards for justice – basically a rude version of blankety  blank. It was fun.
Afterwards our friends went home and we went onto a vodka revolution – £15 a round (I think I wept a little when I first heard the price) We had a couple of drinks each then went home.
Sunday – Rain, cooking (Meatballs with Polenta and a Tomato sauce – Post in the near future, very delicious) and little else
053 (Custom)
Monday – Electrician, Bills and Westfield.
Monday Morning, the Electrician came to fix the lights. Afterwards we went to Westfield ( shopping mall in London) for an afternoon of shopping. Before the shopping began, we went to a restaurant called Bills (a colleague of my girlfriend raved about it). It was pretty yummy. My girlfriend had
Starter – Bruschetta – (a twist with feta and onion rings. She found it delightful)
photo 1 (1) (Custom)
Main – Bangers & goats cheese mash (splendid – hit the spot)
photo 4 (2) (Custom)
I had
Starter – Prawn Cocktail (done perfectly, better than Fish club crayfish cocktail (even if it did look like it had a poo on top))
photo 2 (2) (Custom)
Main – Bills Burger and chips (Enjoyable and better than Burger & Cocktails burger (From Friday))
photo 3 (3) (Custom)
Afterwards – shopping until we dropped.
Tuesday – rain, cooking (Duck Shepherds pie – mouth drawls – Post in near future) and little else
055 (Custom)

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