La Pampa Grill

Recently we (girlfriend and I) decided to go to a restaurant in London. We booked the Blue Boar, which sounded fantastic. The starter included Slow Cooked Rabbit And Lobster and pulled pork or lamb for main. It sounded delicious. Then I read a review by Jay Rayner. He obliterated the idea of going. He mentioned phrases such as:

“The Blue Boar Smokehouse is a grotesque marketing conceit, realised in acres of dark wood veneer, hefty linen and glassware”

“The sauce is at first as sharp and acidic as a cheap packet of salt and vinegar crisps and then as sweet as a six-year-old’s confection stash”

“From the list of pulled meats we order the suckling kid: a heap of something tired and drained, violated and one-note sweet arrives on a wooden board”

That would put off anyone correct?

Instead we went to Clapham Junction to an Argentinian restaurant on a whim. The restaurant was named La Pampa.

It is a small independent restaurant, which means its already getting a thumbs up. Food tasted nice. Two thumbs up! The steak was so delicious but we shall get on to that.
We look at the alcohol menu and opted for beer (San Miguel). If you like red wine, you’re in for a treat with a vast selection (vast meaning roughly 10 I guess). Whereas with white wine, there were only two options. I don’t think they want you to drink white wine with their Argentinian steak.

We ordered a starter and a main with a side. We also got coerced into buying a £7.50 salad. The waiter said

“Why don’t you buy salad. Everyone else has bought salad”.

In fairness to him, everyone else had bought this salad. I guess the trick worked because we bought the salad!

For the starter we shared an Empenada – pastry with meat inside and a spicy dip to dip it in. It reminded me of a dry Cornish pasty. It was lovely and the spicy dip made it delicious.

ca47fa93-06cc-41be-aa57-9a44c89c15e8 (Custom)

(Terrible photo, sorry)

For mains we both had the rump steak (13 Oz), French fries and shared the salad.

488b0ae9-1b07-4164-a083-7a5d10090c9f (2) (Custom)

(Also terrible, sorry)

Salad was mediocre and not worth the £7.50 but the steaks were lush. They were so so so (yes three so’s!) juicy. The French fries were also really delicious and seasoned perfectly. The Argentinians know how to make awesome Steak!

I would definitely recommend this place in Clapham Junction if your looking for a good steak!

Price was £70 for 1 starter, 2 mains, 2 sides, 1 salad, 4 beers. Make up your mind if you think that is cheap!

Most important question I guess you’d ask – would I go back?

I would 🙂



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