Burgers, Beer = Byron

Quick post on the burger chain Byron – went there recently for the first time with my girlfriend. It was busy but we only had to wait 5-10 mins for a table for two. We sat down and ordered beer and olives while we waited for our burgers.

The olives were big and green and were fairly nice – would have enjoyed a black one or two though. The beer was something I had never tried before – brewdog dead club pony pale ale.

The company is named Brewdog and is based in Scotland. One of the owners was on an episode of The Apprentice – You’ve been Fired. I watched the episode so I thought I’d throw it in as a fact for you. Verdict of the beer – it was alright (smelt nicer than it tasted). I’d happily drink it again but wouldn’t go out of my way to buy one.

IMG_0036 (Custom)

My girlfriend had a peroni – standard.

On to the burgers (and fries obviously). I had a Byron burger which is a normal burger with cheese, bacon, red onion, tomato etc. etc. It was a delightful burger. It tasted really nice. The fries were good too. Overall it was all good in the hood.

IMG_0037 (Custom)

My girlfriend had a chilli burger which she said had a good heat to it. She enjoyed her burger too! She had fries with the skin on, which were also enjoyable.

The verdict is Byron do great burgers and I’d happily go back and devour another one.

Price for olives, two beers, two burgers and two fries each – £35ish.



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