Le Pont De La Tour

My parents were visiting London for a week and one of the evenings them, my brother and me went to Le Pont De La Tour, which is near Tower Bridge. It was very close to the tower and right by the River Thames. It looked beautiful at night with the bridge lit up.

The restaurant was very fancy and very big. Our booking was at 6.30 – tad early but as it was very popular, it was the only time we could get.

My dad, unknowing to me, opted for the set menu (which was very set – no choice at all). I would have enjoyed a little choice. I think my mother would have too. Even the alcohol was set!

The starter was

Squid, lemon emulsion, potato

IMG_0076 (Custom)

Bottle of white

The starter looked dainty (as most fancy restaurants) and it tasted nice, but there was a hint of vinegar aftertaste which I thought didn’t quite work). It was very nice though. I got to eat some of my mothers because I don’t think she quite enjoyed it.

The main was

beef with beetroot ravioli and red wine jus

IMG_0077 (Custom)

Bottle of red wine

The dish was very dainty again but the beef was delicious.  The wine was alright. Neither wine blew me away. Beef was definitely best part of the whole set menu.

The dessert was

Chocolate mousse (sorry – no photo)

It was a very rich dessert and I’m not a big fan of creamy desserts do I didn’t finish it. There was no “free” alcohol with this course.

The food was good but I don’t think worth the price. Maybe the alla carte menu may have given me the wow?

Also service was slightly too quick

It was nice though! – As the old famous quote (is it a quote?) goes

“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”

It was awesome catching up with the family  though – felt like we did it everyday.

Afterwards we went to a pub to have a beer.


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