My girlfriend and I, now known as we, recently had a trip to Sheffield for a “university reunion”. There was basically 5/6 of us, now known as the group (sounds like a contract when I write that), who went to Sheffield for a weekend for a bit of trip down memory lane / piss-up. Mostly it was the latter.
We arrived early evening on the Friday, went to a Premier Inn, dumped our bags, freshened ourselves and went to meet some of the group at a pub on West Street. We had a pint there while waiting for the rest of the group. The group had a catch up and talked about life.
The group then went to a restaurant called Piccolos, which was pretty average.

I had

Starter – Fish cake (rather bland and too much potato)
IMG_0078 (Custom)
Main – Linguine with Meatballs in a chilli tomato sauce (quite nice but you can’t really go wrong)
IMG_0079 (Custom)
The evening turned into loud-quiet-loud. This went in sync with our friend who went grumpy-happy-grumpy.  The first bar was a cocktail bar, which had nice beer and lovely cocktails. I enjoyed the atmosphere. This bar was short-lived and the group ended up at an old man pub, with no atmosphere but did have nice alcohol, seats and the conversation flowed. After closing time, the group ended up in reflex, which had cheap booze, cheesy old school music and a broken camera booth.  The group departed at various times and we were the last to go, after dancing on the empty sticky dance floor, fist-pumping a man and reliving our youth by drinking alchopops.
We then went to a chippy and had food like uni times – Good times!
The next day, feeling a little rough the group (the group is hard to keep up with – I keep writing we then having to go back) went to breakfast and a bar called the Common Room.
I had pancakes with bacon and maple syrup.
IMG_0080 (Custom)
This was pretty bad. The most annoying thing was I asked if I could have it without maple syrup and with lemon and sugar instead, but they could only have it with maple syrup. The annoying part was the maple syrup came on the side! All they had to do was put lemon and sugar on the side. It wasn’t that hard!!!
My girlfriend had All-American Breakfast, which was a full English breakfast with pancakes added on top. Her breakfast was pretty bad as well and the sausage was just disgusting.

I do not recommend the Common Room for food.

Afterwards the group went to the union to buy Pop Tart tickets (unions Saturday nightclub – music from 50s, 60s, 70s, 80, 90s and 00s). A couple of the group had to buy photos and then life-time membership before we could buy the tickets.  Then bar one for a pint. Bar One (Union bar) had changed – it was lighter and cleaner – boo.
Then it was time for a trip down memory lane. The group walked around Sheffield looking at places everyone used to hang out at, places everyone lived and had a pint at our local (good pub quizzes).  Trips down memory lane are always nice.
After a mini break at our hotel, the group reunited in Sheffield city centre and had a mulled wine / spiced cider / beer at a Christmas market bar. The bar was nice but we stood in an unfortunate location which stank of onion.
The group then went to a Japanese restaurant with good food and plenty of it.
I had
Starter – Mixed platter (Samosa, Spring Roll, Prawn Toast, Chicken in Satay Sauce, Stuffed Mussel) (enjoyable)
IMG_0081 (Custom)
Main – Duck and Pork with Egg Fried Rice (quite nice, very filling, nothing to write home about)
IMG_0083 (Custom)
The group went to a couple of bars, played X men, played street fighter, had a cocktail or two, had a beer or two and went on to Pop Tarts. Pop Tarts was fun and felt like I was back at uni because the music was still the same as 3 / 4 years ago.
The next day the group went their separate ways and we returned home, after breakfast / burger. The journey was long – I was tired and happy when we arrived at our flat!

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