Cafe Spice Namaste

The day was Saturday

The start time was 6pm. This was the beginning of the night – the beginning of the food adventure (not really an adventure – just a restaurant. Spoiler alert – food was tasty!).

My girlfriend’s dad and his wife came to check out our new pad in London and go to Cafe Spice Namaste.

We started off the night in style – champagne, while they had a tour of the flat which lasted a few seconds. They used words like “quaint” and “cosy”. Once the champagne had been demolished, we were off to our local pub (really nice, tad expensive) where we had a couple of drinks.

Once sufficiently tipsy, we went to the restaurant for a half 8 sitting. We arrived pretty much bang on time, sat down and ordered the set menu (£75 per person) and a pre set menu beer each. The restaurant had a authentic Indian feel to it.

The taster menu was nothing like I had before – lots of small dishes then the curries and nan and rice came. As we were not given a menu and were just given a description at the time, I can’t remember the names of each dish – I’m not even going to try. I will add the photos and make a comment here and there. Sounds a plan!

IMG_0056 (Custom)

This was a soup of some make or description, I was not much of a fan though

IMG_0066 (Custom)

The spinach prawns were lovely.

IMG_0065 (Custom)

This was lightly spiced pigeon and pheasant, it was delicious. The pigeon in particular was amazing.

IMG_0064 (Custom)

Random camera angle (spice things up a little – HAHA Spice HAHA)

IMG_0060 (Custom)

This was an onion bhaji (left), I’m sure it was really tasty (I blame alcohol)

IMG_0058 (Custom)

This was lovely, it was a pastry and something that I don’t remember (sorry)

IMG_0057 (Custom)

This was a samosa and some rice which was cruchy and cold.

Then it was the main event – the curries!

IMG_0067 (Custom)

The curries were delicious! There were three different curries. My favourite one was the dark one which contained hare. It was excellent. I did make a mistake of eating one of the dry chillies and then I was spice drunk! As well as just normal drunk.

That is the food. Now time to talk about the alcohol. There were 3 drinks with the meal. One white, one rose and one (you guessed it) red. We were first given a glass of rose each. It was alright. I’ve never really drunk rose. I don’t know why. It tastes alright. The next was a white wine which was horrible (too sweet for the course). My girlfriend’s dad told the chef’s wife (confidence came with age he tells me) and we got a new white (and the whole bottle!). The red wine was good as well (whole bottle too – result!)

Finally lets talk about the chef for Cafe Spice Namaste. He is called Cyrus. He is a semi famous tv chef (been on Saturday Kitchen). He came out and talked to the tables. Don’t be too jealous (but please show a bit even if you have never heard of him). He is a nice guy! I think we just spoke to him about his tv career.

Overall the food was delicious, alcohol was flowing and a famous chef talked to us and let us have a photograph with him. I thoroughly recommend Cafe Spice Namaste for an Indian restaurant. Best Indian food I’ve ever had.



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