Rotary Bar Diner

I have a long list on my phone about restaurants I’d like to visit. These may come from word of mouth, twitter, internet or TV. One of them was Rotary Bar Diner and we went there for a celebration.

The restaurant was in Old Street (no longer there – may be in anther location, who knows) and we arrived there in time for our reservation. This is where the story begins (probably built it up too much now)

We walked through the door, and say we have a reservation to the waiter – lets call him unhappy Larry (I’ve never really used name in blogs – my name is Chris (nice to meet you)). Unhappy Larry as his name suggests was a grumpy, apathetic waiter who didn’t care at all (not great for first impressions of the establishment) and he said

“ The table is over there next to the couple. We can either split the tables or you can sit on the high table with stalls”.

My reply was

“Yes please – split the tables”

Unhappy Larry decided to ignore me and ask the question again. I conceited and we sat on the high table on stalls (we did sit on a normal table and chairs when we asked when one was free)

My girlfriend had

Starter – Buttermilk Spicy Fried Chicken wings (no complaints – fairly tasty)

IMG_0105 (Custom)

Main – Pulled pork with jalapeno muffin (Muffin was alright but pulled pork was too sweet for her taste)

IMG_0107 (Custom)

I had

Starter – Crab cakes (no complaints – fairly tasty)

IMG_0104 (Custom)

Main – Special cheese burger with pineapple and bacon jam (you couldn’t taste the pineapple or bacon – just a sweet after taste which I didn’t really enjoy).

IMG_0106 (Custom)

I think the choice of food was probably our fault because it was too sweet for us.

Price – It wasn’t cheap!

On a nice note, there is a man called the ribman. He does street food involving ribs (No – really? Yes – really) He made a sauce called Holy Fuck (Sorry for swearing but that is the name) which I have wanted to try and it was there. It had a hell of a kick but was nice on my chips!

Another note, I tried to speak to a waiter (who was the manger, not Unhappy Larry) when the bill came and asked him how he was. His reply was


Maybe their lack luster approach to waiting came from the fact that the restaurant was closing but it didn’t leave a nice taste in our mouth.

Overall the food was pretentious didn’t live up to my own thoughts, was expensive and the first few seconds pretty much summed the evening – awful service and me being a mug still by paying the forced 12.5% tip.

The company was awesome as always though.



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