Copenhagen Part 1

My girlfriend and I went to Copenhagen in December to look around the Christmas market.

We supposedly booked a Saturday morning flight. We ended up flying Saturday afternoon with Easyjet. What was surprising was because of the delay, Easyjet were giving out a complimentary drink and snack (cheapest drink and snack and no alcohol) but a complimentary drink and snack non-the-less! – What a rare sight. I had a Twix and a 7-Up.

We landed in the evening, wiping out the afternoon (pity) and went to the hotel. The hotel was nice and very close to the Nyhaven area (nice canal area with nice (but expensive) restaurants)

In the evening we just walked to the Nyhaven area, had a meal and a beer or two. The meal was at a French restaurant.

My girlfriend had veal with a lobster bisque and I had Oven Baked Salmon and we shared a bottle of white wine. This came to £80!!! I wasn’t kidding about it being expensive but when in Rome (we didn’t go crazy expensive like eat at Noma but we didn’t eat at McDonalds for every meal (we did go once but that’s a spoiler!))

Afterwards we went to a pub with a live guy on a live guitar playing live music. I was unadventurous but my girlfriend tried some Christmas Beer!

Christmas Beer, Christmas Beer
Fills you up with Christmas Cheer
Christmas Beer, Christmas Beer
Have yourself a Christmas Beer
Christmas Beer
Is so yummy
Christmas Beer
For your Tummy
Christmas Beer, Christmas Beer
Fills you up with Christmas Cheer

Then we adjourned to the hotel to sleep.

The next day will be known as the day of learning! It was a miserable cold and rainy rainy rainy day. Did this stop us going out, enjoying the sights and enjoying the holiday? – Mostly but it didn’t stop us completely!

First let’s talk about breakfast – nice selection, not bad and my girlfriend enjoyed the Danish pastries. I think that is the breakfast covered.

In the morning we walked to the most famous sight – the little mermaid, when it wasn’t quite raining yet. I think Copenhagen needs to get a better most famous attraction (no offence). The little mermaid was alright. Then we ventured to a Star Shaped Island.
We were walking the top of the star when the rain started – Nooooooooo! The rain continued all day and all night from then on. We retreated back to the hotel to dry and warm up, after getting pretty soaked. After warming up (and drying our clothes because I foolishly only brought one pair of jeans with me – I am stupid. I am stupid. Don’t forget I am stupid) we ventured back outside!

We walked into the city centre to go to Tivoli. We stopped at McDonalds (cheap, cheerful and looked so dry and inviting!) We both had chicken burger meals (great treat when wet) and then went to Tivioli!

034 (Custom)

We looked around the Christmas markets and bought a Danish flag bauble. There were nice Christmassy things to look at like a big reindeer statue and a weird merry go round thing with singing elves, and obviously the rides to go on. I say obviously – I hadn’t introduced Tivoli. Tivoli is a fun fair with rides. It is £10 entry, which includes no rides! Yes – Copenhagen is expensive. So there are rides to go on but we didn’t go on any because it was raining! So in some sense the rain did ruin the day a little – rides in rain do not look fun. We tried Grogg there (similar to mulled wine) to try and warm oursvles up. I wasn’t a big fan of Grogg (Sorry Danish people).

049 (Custom)

After walking around for a while, we went back to the hotel to warm up again! This is where the explanation of the days name comes into play. We decided to escape the weather on Monday by walking around museums and castles – But they are all shut on a Monday! There is the lesson learnt. To add salt to the wound, it didn’t rain on Monday. So we did the holiday completely the wrong way around!

If this was a film that part would have been the sad part – learning museums were closed – we were gutted. Don’t worry the day ends on a high, like most movies.

We went to Nyhaven and had a lovely meal. We went to a modern European restaurant.

IMG_0121 (Custom)

My girlfriend had

Starter – Tomato Soup

IMG_0114 (Custom)
Main – Beef with Potato and Veg

IMG_0117 (Custom)

I had

Starter – Lime Cured Salmon (Simply delicious -best thing I ate all holiday – simply delicious – looked stunning too – would love to recreate this dish but no idea where I’d begin)

IMG_0116 (Custom)

Main – Chicken with Potato and Veg

IMG_0118 (Custom)

We both drank Christmas Beer!
Afterwards we went to the pub and had more Christmas Beer!

Then we went to our hotel to sleep

End of part one… To be continued



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