Copenhagen Part 2

Please return to your seats for the second act of

Copenhagen mini holiday

I agree – the title could be catchier!

We woke up on the Monday, had breakfast, got ready and then went to face Copenhagen with our hatched plan (a plan we made the night before once we found out everywhere was closed)
First part of the plan was to go look for the second best restaurant in the world – Noma! We crossed a bridge, walked past a canal and found the building. We could see no signs for Noma but we knew it was in that building.

Fail Number 1

Then we walked back through the pretty little canals to go to a church and up its spire for some fantastic views.

Fail Number 2

Indeed the church was open but the views, which we came for, were not.

Not disheartened, we tried to enter another church.

Fail Number 3

This was also closed.

Still not disheartened, we walked back to Nyhaven and found out it was good timing for a canal boat tour.

The boat tour started off lame when we were inside sitting down inside the boat. When we decided to go out, enjoy the fresh air, take photographs, duck under bridges – the canal boat tour became pretty fun. Admittedly the tour bit was a bit lame. An interesting fact I learnt is an area of Copenhagen is based on Amsterdam because a Danish king enjoyed Amsterdam. FACT!
The most enjoyable part was ducking under bridges though.

After the terrific/lame canal tour, we decided to have some lunch and go souvenir shopping in the shopping area. We had lunch at a Danish pub named Restaurant Puk. This was our first and only taste of Danish food – It was lovely!

IMG_0128 (Custom)

We both had Pork Chops with Caramelised Potatoes (I know – caramelised and yes – they are literally just caramelised) and Tuborg Christmas Beer.
Best part of the day! The meal was terrific. The place may have been full of locals but the staff were so friendly , chatty and kind. They explained they have caramelised potatoes only around Christmas.

IMG_0135 (Custom)

Afterwards we went souvenir shopping and bought a shot glass and just randomly walked around. We then randomly walked back to Nyhaven, had a pint in the outside (was very very cold) and then sauntered back to the hotel to relax before our final meal and Christmas Beers.
We went to a restaurant (you will never guess where… you did? How?!?) in Nyhaven.
My girlfriend had

Starter – Prawns with a dipping sauce

IMG_0147 (Custom)

Main – Salmon with Tomato Sauce and Pasta

IMG_0149 (Custom)

I had

Starter – Half a lobster

011f20972d0d4d7560cf2ced6a071a4606d7a3049e (Custom)

Main – Fish (I think sole of some kind) with new potatoes

01b6f00511519aee218c95fa256e0a8884e568b7f1 (Custom)

We both had warm white wine.

Overall the restaurant was nice.

I had no complaints about the food all holiday! It was well done simple European food. – couldn’t ask for more. I suppose one complaint is the price but that isn’t complaining about the food as such!

Afterwards we went and had our final couple of Christmas Beers then back to the hotel for sleep. The next day we flew home quite early.

One last time

Christmas Beer, Christmas Beer
Fills you up with Christmas Cheer
Christmas Beer, Christmas Beer
Have yourself a Christmas Beer
Christmas Beer
Is so Yummy
Christmas Beer
For your Tummy
Christmas Beer, Christmas Beer
Fills you up with Christmas Cheer


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