Paramount is a restaurant / bar on the 32nd floor of a building in Central London. I thought I’d start off the New Year with a bang by going to a nice restaurant – why not?
The views are stunning and there is a viewing gallery, which we (girlfriend and I) went to after the restaurant.

Unfortunately our table wasn’t right next to the window but we could still see the awesome view (even if it was through a couple by the window).

01472697c08f4ca5478d9fd834841c936a8e4a1a7f (Custom)

The running theme through the rest of the post will be expense and taste.

Asked if would like any water – we said yes, still (£4).

The cheapest bottle of white wine was £32 but we went for a £38 mainly because it was one of the cheapest wines in the subsection which contained the word opulent. Opulent is a great word. I’ve been a big fan of the word for a while now (ever since John Tarrode used it on Masterchef).

When the waiter brought the bottle, I thought the colour of the bottle was odd. Then he poured the wine to taste and it was red! I panicked – what if I had selected a red by accident – am I that stupid? Phew – I am not that stupid and it was a mistake. He then brought the correct bottle of white and it was really nice.
Then we ordered food.

For Starter my girlfriend had Wood Pigeon with Artichokes, salsify and salsa verde.

0190681b2655b0a0a7032f81c6624225cfcec6a89b (Custom)

I had Lobster with avocado, Piquillo Peppers and lemon dressing (£14.50).

01876f47f9bb7c917015c9785bb9fb7adc472fc863 (Custom)

My girlfriend won! My course was tasty but hers was amazing. The wood pigeon was so stunning. I had food envy! You shouldn’t have food envy when you have lobster in front of you but I did!

For the main my girlfriend had Herb Roasted Filet of Venison, Boulangere Potato, Mixed Heritage Beetroots & Tarragon Remoulade (£28)

012dc042c1b700017477f387183f898df2dac54232 (Custom)

I had Autumn Welsh Lamb Navarin, Baby Vegetables & Potato Galette. For people that don’t know what a potato Galette is – it’s pretty much like crisps.

01a6f27a10bcc00c8d88813aab2273543872200ef0 (Custom)

Once again food envy – My girlfriend had the better dish! My lamb was beautiful but lacked a sauce I thought. Her dish tasted amazing. I thought tarragon – I’m not going to like that bit I did like it! It worked with the venison! Her dish was very very tasty.

For dessert my girlfriend had crème brulee

0171ed3e93c24e3d775e3a1f3063c0138a3f73b93f (Custom)

I had a chocolate fondant with white chocolate sauce (and white chocolate ice cream for people who like ice creams) (£9.50).

01e47da72c588e9bcf14db4411f0dc17181ffc1afd (Custom)

The fondant was delicious but even I thought ten quid is steep for a chocolate fondant.

Overall food was tasty but it was expensive. The question – is the views worth the price? I’d say if you sat right by the window – definitely. Where we sat – possibly not but I had a great time – food was superb, the view was awesome.

01472697c08f4ca5478d9fd834841c936a8e4a1a7f (Custom)

As a special event, it was enjoyably and I didn’t mind the price. The price would stop me going again for a very very long time.


Overall price for 3 courses for 2 people and a bottle of wine = £150.



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