Birthday and Opera Tavern

It was my girlfriend’s birthday recently and it was a fun day! It started off with her opening presents, drinking prosecco (nice touch I thought) and eating breakfast of scrambled egg with smoked salmon (not a bad start to the day right!) I was proud of the presents I got her – one being a handbag.

After that great start, we went to tower bridge, ate nearby at a Pizza Express (My girlfriend had a Hot American Legerra and I had a chicken Caesar salad. We both had a peroni nastro azzuro). Lovely lunch I thought.

Then we crossed Tower Bridge and went sightseeing around the Tower of London. We luckily hopped on the last guided tour of the day. The guided tour was great and said some interesting bloody stories and facts. Ones that I remember are

1. The bloodiest execution was of a man named Scott James. His executioner missed chopping off his head until the fifth time and even then the head wasn’t detached. The executioner then had to use a knife to cut away at flesh and fat until the head came off.

2. Scott James was royalty and in those days it was customary to have a painting of oneself, if they were royal. Scott James had no painting. A doctor had to retrieve head and body, attach it together for the painting.

3. Anne Boelyn wanted to be killed French style (with a big sword) knealing rather than with an axe. The executioner distracted her by making her look for a boy in a crowd. When her head was clean off, she still spent 20 seconds looking for the boy with her eyes.

4. To be a beef eater (Yeoman), you need to have worked in the army for at least 22 years, have a medal showing you’re squeaky clean and be of a high rank in the army. Then you can live in the tower of London.
5. You had to pay the executioner to be executed, unless you were royalty.

After the guide tour, we went around the other buildings, saw the crown jewels, saw some armour, found out I was a better archer than my girlfriend and looked around the “bloody tower”. After that we left and had a beer and cocktail in All Bar One.

After All Bar One, it was time for Opera Tavern. We arrived, were seated and ordered a white wine and several dishes of tapas.

The tapas dishes were (sorry for bad photographs)
Crispy Iberico Pigs ears

01ae6b2114b2854b831fa13888e7b770658346994c (Custom)


01d0b1c31ce834a433d3af6afcfd182708d86686b9 (Custom)

Courgette flower with goats cheese and honey

01a8b2c52e784c124592d114e90d6c8d2b1058d274 (Custom)

Scallop with turnip puree and quince

01f15b79dbd5d7e13041c2e91d2bbd5705a87d1fe4 (Custom)

Monkfish with mussels, orzo and tomatoes

01b9618f9e613abaaefe0b0c27a6740782ef1e9d9b (Custom)

Iberico Pigs cheecks

01298f19bb34283a09409c26f919b29ef48337d7f6 (Custom)

Duck breast with pear

01c317e5a1784419e53af2a9520c29ea42117e58f2 (Custom)

Patatas Frittas with alioli and bravas sauce.

This restaurant and Salt Yard (sister restaurant) do the most amazing tapas. I think my favourite this time around was the Monkfish dish!

The meal was so tasty and was reasonably priced! I have nothing bad to say.

My girlfriend also had pannacotta with yoghurt sorbet for dessert.

0172491d88a0eb4ec281af81f325eef932ada39a53 (Custom)

I thoroughly recommend Salt Yard or Opera Tavern.

Afterwards we downed a disgusting glass of white wine in the Sherlock Homes pub (very disappointing), went home and to sleep (maybe because we had a tiny bit too much alcohol that day).

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