Club Gascon

I realise I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks. This has to change and it will, starting with this post.

In the month of March it was my mum’s birthday. My parents came to London for the weekend to celebrate and on the Friday night we went to Club Gascon (my parents, my girlfriend, my brother and his girlfriend and me).
My girlfriend and I arrived at Club Gascon where everyone was already sat. We had great food, good wine (affordable wine) and good conversation.

Afterwards we went to a local pub and then back to the hotel bar, where my parents stayed. I shall discuss the hotel bar later but now back to Club Gascon.

When I say great food, it was amazing food and some of my photographs don’t do it justice. This was because they were rushed. I blame my dad. He freaked me out saying that people were being told off for taking photos of food and law suits were happening and what not. That’s my excuse for the quality of the photos basically.

I will only discuss my meals, otherwise this post will never stop.

0145e509e565ad2bc7f4e81a4b745476189063b431 (Custom)

An amuse bouche came out, presented beautifully, with a red soup and some little balls, which burst into an interesting flavour. There was some debate whether they were just some fruit seed or some molecular gastronomy magic. I was in the molecular gastronomy camp.

I wouldn’t usually write about the bread but the bread was delicious. It wasn’t so much the bread but the butter was awesome. There were two types of butter. One was truffle butter and the other was Foie Gras butter. Yes – truffle butter and Foie Gras butter! You could have just gone to this restaurant for the butter – it was that good!

01b99e6aa59ae4ff2ec1c72accb880372eb0707bb7 (Custom)

My starter was royale of duck, seared langoustine & sea urchin jus. I sadly went for it because of the sea urchin jus. The flavours were interesting but when I tasted my girlfriends starter, I was jealous. Hers was amazing. She had venison carpaccio, winkles, salted cod and confit ceps. Her starter was fantastic and mine was interesting! This was the worst dish of the day for me. The dish was tasty but I don’t think I quite had the correct pallet for the dish.

0151b1e34c8869ae04a2bff8742ee593b0b474ac70 (Custom)

For the Foie Gras dish (yes – you heard correct – foie gras dish!) I had Rose carpaccio, mulled wine & crispy gingerbread. This looked stunning and tasted so delicious. When you had all the components together, it was magical. Each component in the mouth worked together in perfect harmony. The food was so well balanced!

01f2e69f2188b5c7c43ae946fa9f64108fcc110ce9 (Custom)

Between the Foie Gras dish and Main, there was an interesting pallet cleanser which had wasabi and some blue stuff. It was tasty and odd and made your tongue turn blue.

0163a6c97e3621761068338cbf2f29a423131844cb (Custom)

For main I had Charolais Beef Variation, caviar, ox sauce. This was so so good. My mouth is just watering thinking about the main again.

01f9579e612aa12358b9f6e9196ea19d11f537f5d8 (Custom)

01568613bd0ec1a69da2964f304e9048843ce205c0 (Custom)

There were two sides with the mains we ordered. Cheesy creamy mash was one and the other was qunioa in courgette flowers. The qunioa in courgette flowers was incredibly nice.

0175c789ef966ded4e1203fb487fb8d2a573e95b95 (Custom)

Another (yes – Another) Pallet cleanser of wasabi icecream!

0148c54dfce3f97f072875cd0b45154edfe758626e (Custom)

Then there was dessert. My first bite – I didn’t know what was going on. The taste was odd. My mouth isn’t used to such an odd combination. By the third of fourth mouthful I was in love. The dessert was so amazing. I’m not a big pudding man but if desserts were
that good – I’d be converted!

Overall I was full and very very satisfied.

Afterwards we went to a local pub and after that we went back to the hotel bar that my parents were staying at. The hotel was the St Pancras hotel, connected to the train station. The hotel was very grand and the architecture was great. The alcohol was incredibly expensive.
After a few drinks, my girlfriend and I left in the early hours of the morning to go home.

I’d say it was a great birthday for my mum.



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