Scotland and Kitchin

Recently, my girlfriend and I went to Glasgow and Edinburgh.

We visited Glasgow to see the Commonwealth Games and watched the artistic gymnastic finals. They were awesome! The atmosphere was great and it was thoroughly enjoyable. The women’s floor was my favourite.

We also went to the Botanical Gardens, an art gallery (very cultural) and Weatherspoons (less cultural).

For food we went to a Japanese restaurant which was delicous and a Italian restaurant named Antipasti which was pretty poor.

As for the accommodation, we stayed in a room with Airbnb. It was so much cheaper than a hotel and the flat was nice. However, next time it would be nicer to rent the whole flat rather than a room.

We then went to Edinburgh for the Fringe.

We saw four famous comedians
Susan Calman
David O’doherty
Simon Amstell
Seann Walsh

Susan was far by the best and made me cry with laughter.

We also saw the play ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas which was a great adaptation.

On the final day we saw the most “interesting” show that had a cupcake theme. There were 2 comedians. The first guy was a normal comedian who acted a bit akward. Then there was the second guy who  was just plain weird. He decided that pouring water over himself and dancing was funny. It was just plain odd and akward for all EIGHT of us in the audience involved.

Food was average (not great) until we went to the restaurant Kitchin!

Next section will be food titles and photos which will make anyone drawl. There is no need for words.

My girlfriend and I had the following:

A selection of crisp breads with a blue cheese dip.



Strawberry Cocktail with broken biscuit (me)


Gin, cucumber and tonic (girlfriend)


Pea Soup with ham croquette (both)


Pigs Head and Langoustine (me)


Oyster, Mackerel and Oyster Leaf (girlfriend, sorry for photo)


Selection of lamb with olives (girlfriend, sorry for photo)


Rabbit and offal (me)


Strawberry and pistachio mille feuille (girlfriend, lush)


Lemon (was so good but by now so full)


That is the end of that



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