Barcelona and Restaurant

A few months ago, my girlfriend and I went to Barcelona for a few days.

We had a great time eating paellas, drinking sangria, visiting cathedrals and other top sights.

100 (Custom)

As well as doing all that great stuff, we went to a amazing restaurant (which we booked before going as it was recommended by my girlfriend’s father – I know – first time for me too).

The restaurant was called Gelonch and the food was just amazing. The photos and descriptions won’t do it justice

We went for the smaller tasting menu (yes – smaller)

We started off with amazing nuts (please no dirty jokes)

151 (Custom)

Nitro popcorn. This course was done with liquid nitrogen and it tasted cold and it came out smoking. The chef even poked out his face to see my girlfriends reaction (she gave a convincing good reaction)156 (Custom)

Onion dish – missing in action  but lovely

Shittake and Iberian ham and Crab ravioli. Tasted like Christmas. It was my favourite course. It was so delicious.157 (Custom)

Prawns and cabbage! 158 (Custom)

Turnips with bone marrow – Rich deep dish.

160 (Custom)

Pasta is what you would probably guess for this…Nope. Cuttlefish pasta! Yes that is cuttlefish with pesto. It was delicious

159 (Custom)

36 hour cooked Iberico pig with sauces and loveliness.161 (Custom)

Cheese with banana sauce and aubergine ice cream. Ice cream with cheese?!? Is the chef crazy?!? Perhaps but it did work and was really tasty.162 (Custom)

Another dessert- wait another dessert? Yes! Ice cream with textures of orange163 (Custom)

More?!? More – Is the chef trying to kill you? Only with lovely food and chocolates and truffles164 (Custom)

Overall. Food was awesome. A Good time was had by all (my girlfriend and I)

Astonishingly not a Michelin star restaurant. This world is a crazy place.

Until next time.




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