Holiday from last year

My girlfriend and I went to Geneva on holiday.

Tuesday Night

We went to a hotel near Gatwick airport, had a few pints and a meal (now becoming our usual nice way to start the holiday).


We woke up stupidly early and caught a flight to Geneva.

We arrived at the hotel and was bumped up to a junior suite. The suite was awesome. It had a balcony! A massive balcony!

Once we could peel ourselves away from the balcony, we went for a walk around the lake. The lake is beautiful and you can swim in it (a fact we didn’t know beforehand, and a fact we were gutted about – loved to have gone for a swim) We carried on our walk, saw the famous flower clock and went for lunch.

This was our first exposure of expense. WOW – Geneva is expensive. I had a risotto


#SC00586 (Custom)

and my girlfriend had a pasta with tomato and basil sauce

#SC00587 (Custom)

Both cost around 15 pounds each. The food was nice but not for that shocking price.

Afterwards we walked some more, chilled out on the balcony and went to one of Geneva’s buzzing strips (Rue de Lausanne) – it was dead (but it was a Wednesday). We went to an Irish pub where we had a pint and some free snacks (bear shaped biscuits)

#SC00608 (Custom)

Afterwards we went to another bar and then went to a French restaurant. This was the best restaurant of the holiday and we got a 10% discount (as the restaurant was part of a hotel chain we were staying in).

My girlfriend had chicken with courgette with a wine sauce.

#SC00617 (Custom)

I had steak tartare, which was awesome!

#SC00616 (Custom)

We had no starters or desserts on this holiday because they were super expensive.

Afterwards we went home and slept (rock and roll life style).


We had a lie in on Thursday (until lunch) then we went to McDonalds (for lunch) Then the day really began with exploring the lovely city! We saw the world’s (or Europe’s) longest wooden bench, the Reformation wall, and the cathedral. The cathedral had a view! We walked up 100s and 1000s of stairs but the view was well worth it – amazing panoramic views of the city.

#SC00656 (Custom)

After the sightseeing, we went to Lidl and bought a bottle of wine and drank it on our balcony before going out to eat – cheapest option by far.

After the wine, we went for a walk and ended up at a restaurant. This was our worst meal and it was rushed – which makes me very angry. My girlfriend had veal with potatoes

#SC00695 (Custom)

I had meat with a sauce (al ajillo) and potatoes.#SC00694 (Custom)

Afterwards we went to a pub in the red light district and the landlord of the pub planned our Friday night out, which was meant to be epic HAHA. The HAHA is an in joke at the moment but by the time you finish reading, you will understand too. We had a few pints there then went back. We couldn’t afford a night out.


We went to the UN in the morning, which was really interesting. The tour was great and flew by. We saw different rooms, learnt facts and learnt how the UN worked.

Afterwards we had lunch of spaghetti bolognaise with a wine glass full of coke.

Then we went back to our junior suite and relaxed for a few hours before our awesome epic amazing night out (planned by the pub landlord).

We walked for what seemed like a lifetime to reach a trendy area full of bars and youngsters. Either we reached the area and there was nothing there or got lost and didn’t find the area. Either way we saw no bars and no trendy youngsters. Both being peeved off we dived into a Pizzeria for food. The Pizzeria was sadly not bad (I wanted to hate it in, the mood I was in). When we left the Pizzeria we found the most depressing and annoying thing – after walking miles we ended up at a location close to the beginning of the journey.

We walked to the red light district and had a cider each at a pub. Each cider cost 10 Euros. I was peeved off with the night and paying a fortune for everything, including the cider. So we went back and chatted on the balcony and then slept.

The next day we flew back.

I know this blog makes me sound like I had a bad time, but I really enjoyed it and thought that Geneva was a wonderful city.


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