Roux at the Landau

For my Mothers birthday, my family, my brother’s girlfriend, my girlfriend and I went to Roux at the Landau. The food was awesome. Let me elaborate though.

My girlfriend and I arrived at the restaurant at 6.30 (as the reservation was 6.30 – We are a very punctual couple). We sat down and both had a couple of Peronis while we waited for my brother (the unpunctual one ha) who turned up about 15 minutes late. We sat around talking for a hour then we ordered.

For starter I had Quail, Foie Gras, Hazelnuts, Picked Raisins and something called Wilted Escarole ( I think that is the leaf looking thing). It was so tasty. it was fantastic! On a side note, the service was good too, especially seeing as we ordered at 7.30 instead of 6.30.  🙂 019512d93bbf6b20fdf259187807003581d9243891 (Custom)

My girlfriends starter was squid, salt-cod brandade (no idea either), ink vinaigrette, Espelette pepper, This looked like an art of beauty and tasted fantastic too. Obviously mine was a touch better but hers was still fantastic. 0130b1196423287214786e7156328bad4016282bb0 (Custom)

Now on to the main event. This was a special. It was Chateuabriand steak for 2. We ordered Medium-Rare and it was so delicious. It was amazing – I wish I was eating it again. My photo sucks though and it does not give it justice. The starter photos were so good but I screwed up on the main 😦 You can see the steak though and how pink it was – delicious. There was a bit of a spectacle as well as they cut the steak and served it in front of you! My only criticism (small for others – tiny peeve for mine) is they only served  4 chips and they were too hard. However, we must focus on the steak and not dwell on the FOUR chips…

01e22f16264011627856f266416f8506f69729a03d (Custom)

I was too stuffed from the starter and main to have dessert. My girlfriend had a creme brulee. She enjoyed it. My brothers girlfriend also had a selection of cheese. When I say cheese selection, they have a huge variety of cheese and you select 4. She enjoyed it too. Afterwards they gave you three little sweets – delicious and a touch that I love.

After the meal, we went to the bar in the hotel (Langham). According to the internet this is the best bar in the world (in 2013) and we were underwhelmed. Lets start off with the positives. The decor was awesome. They had these amazing chandeliers which were really cool.

Negatives – the cocktails. The cocktails cost £20 and were weird, unique and not all that plesant. The cocktail I had was called a Magical – Becherovka – Cherry – Smoke – Jasmine. I didn’t enjoy it. 01279b81cdaf656845096f6716d828d9c56e23bd51 (Custom)


My girlfriend had Time, Space and Honey – Parsnip, Honey and Champagne. She couldn’t taste the champagne or honey – just Parsnip. She didn’t enjoy it.

Other weird combinations were banana Daquiri with caviar (which my dad had and said didn’t work), curry in a cocktail, rice in a cocktail? It goes on… Weird, too weird for my family.

After that we had some beers and then left.


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