Bruges Part 1

Every year around or for my birthday I like to go on holiday.  This year was no different and guess where I went? You  probably worked it out from the title – Bruges! What a lovely place. Wednesday We went to Belgium via the Eurostar. Arrived in Brussels and from Brussels we took an hour train to Bruges.  The whole  journey took about 3 , 3 and half hours. Once we arrived in Bruges we went to our hotel – which didn’t turn out to be difficult as the hotel was right next to the station. It was cheap and only a 20 minute walk to main square. Once we unpacked (I say unpacked – dumped our bags) we went to explore Bruges. We walked to the main square and did the first classic thing to do in Bruges – eat chips. We went to a chip van and ordered chips with ketchup (I think there was too much ketchup, which I guess may be a odd criticism when you pay for the ketchup). 006 (Custom) We sat down and enjoyed the chips looking and the beauty of the main square. Afterwards we explored some more and bought some chocolate ducks to eat (the other thing Belgium is famous for).  The chocolate was yummy. 009 (Custom) We walked around some more then went back, relaxed and went out for beer. It was quite late so went straight for food. We had a couple of beers with just the main – Flemmish stew with chips. 026 (Custom) It was a really nice beef stew cooked in Belgium beer – it was great! Afterwards we went to the main square and ordered a couple of beers and took in the views. 035 (Custom) After that we walked home via a canal and I proposed. She said yes 🙂 Then we went to sleep with our heads spinning.


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