Bruges Part 2


Woke up feeling a little worse for wear  and the weather didn’t fill us with enthusiasm and energy as it was raining. However, this would not stop us enjoying the holiday!  The first thing we did was visit the chocolate museum. It was a little fun museum where we learnt about chocolate with the help of a chocolate mascot!


In earlier times when chocolate was much more bitter and only drunk, the frothier the drink was, the better!

Coco beans used to be used as currency to buy stuff like rabbits or peppers.

After we left the chocolate museum, it will still raining (boohoo) and we sadly had to seek shelter in a restaurant in the main square (terrible terrible choice). It had an offer of three courses for 17 Euros which doesn’t sound too bad ,but it was.

For her starter my girlfriend had pate which had big bits of peppercorn in.

061 (Custom)

I had prawn cocktail with some dodgy tiny looking prawns ( thank god I didn’t get ill).

060 (Custom)

For main my girlfriend had a rabbit stew (so dry and overcooked). I had Flemish beef stew. Both were super sweet, overcooked and not falling apart. Both came with chips which we were sick of by now ( I know – me being sick of chips?!? It didn’t have vinegar to get me through them).

063 (Custom)

For dessert sadly had to choose between ice cream and chocolate mousse. I’m not a big cream fan so I was screwed. I went for the mousse which was the lesser of two evils. I had two mouthfuls and played around with it so it looked like I ate more (good tactic).

Afterwards we carried on enjoying the weather… we went to the Burg which is a second square just off the main square. We went around the church and town hall / some rich hall. Afterwards we went back to the hotel, chilled out and then went back out for some food and some beer ( by this time we had recovered!)  We tried Maleherbes (recommendation from our friends) but they were full. No worries – we booked a table for the next day!

We then decided to go a bit off cusp in terms of eating. Instead of chips we had an Indian. It was quite a nice Indian and I enjoyed having a cobra with it. My girlfriend had a biryani and I had a rogan josh.

089 (Custom)

Afterwards we went to a pub in our guide book which had a mahassive catalogue of beer. There were two we tried. We had to – purely for gimmick.

They have awesome glasses! The beer themselves were very average at best but wow they were strong.

093 (Custom)

102 (Custom)

Afterwards feeling sufficiently drunk we went home and slept.

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