Bruges Part 3 / Brussels


It wasn’t raining! Woohoo! With the nice weather (still wearing thick coats and gloves but still nice weather) we decided to do the most famous site – The Belfry Tower. We didn’t have to queue for that long and up the tower we went. The view was pretty great!

112 (Custom)

After the Belfry tower, we went to the fun chips, sorry Fries Museum!

151 (Custom)

Not as good as the chocolate museum sadly and no free chips!


It was thought that in the past chips came about when they were cut to look like fish and then they were fried.

We then had lunch at an Italian.

My girlfriend had “spicy salami” pizza. I had a pasta dish with bolognaise – not great, not great at all!

189 (Custom)

After the lunch we went to the Diamond Museum. It was alright.


Antwerp is where all the diamond action is at but Bruges gives it a go.

This museum hosts Boris, a Russian robot who makes artificial diamonds and talks whilst making them. The only one in the world!! You had to book to see him in action though.

To add to the cultural touring, afterwards we visited an art gallery. There was a lot of nudity and profanity in the art gallery and some lame mirror art.

That was all the museums / galleries and cultural sites we could fit into bruges for the holiday. So we went back, chilled and went to Malesherbes. Malesheerbes was definitelty the best restaurant of the holiday!

For starter I had a salmon tartar which was interesting but not quite to my taste I think.

219 (Custom)

For main we both had Coq Au Vin. This was delicious and came with veg! Actual veg! It was nice to have veg.

220 (Custom)

Also we had another nice change  – wine instead of beer.

We decided to skip dessert and went back to the main square for a couple of last beers on the last night.

Then we went to sleep.


We went home via Brussels so we went via the little boy statue peeing and Brussels main square.

232 (Custom)

We then ate a terrible (enter swear word) spaghetti bolognaise. Then we bought chocolates for work and went home!


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