Hana & Brewdog

So my girlfriend and I have found another flat to buy! Yey! Hopefully we will be more successful this time around. After our attending our mortgage meeting a few weeks ago (which has since got approved) we decided to go for a few drinks and a meal in the ever amazing Clapham Junction.

We started with some drinks at Brewdog. Brewdog is relatively new to Battersea although the pub itself is already established as a chain throughout the country. The décor of this Brewdog tries a bit too hard to look like it’s no trying at all. Chipboard adorns the walls and many of the chairs are made from what looks like recycled bent up metal. They looked horribly uncomfortable to sit on. As for drinks, as Brewdog fans will know, they have their own range of ales and lagers. I opted for Dead Pony to start and my girlfriend had a Punk IPA. We then both had another Punk. I’m not overly into Brewdog’s lagers but my girlfriend quite likes them. We both agree that the price was slightly steep at 5 quid a pint.

 From Brewdog we ventured over the road (literally) to a Korean restaurant called Hana.

 What can I say about this restaurant? It’s family run and has a real laid back vibe about it. We ordered food to share: A seafood pancake (A Pa Jeon – it contained prawn, squid, mussel and octopus) to start.

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Followed by barbeque meats of duck, beef & pork that were accompanied with rice and the obligatory lettuce.

01addf7608aa8bab74566fc43bbf5c1f93cb68dc2a (Custom)

We also ordered a ‘Hite’ beer each.

 The verdict: The food was remarkable. Really simple but so well cooked. The pancake was original and very tasty and the barbeque was just scrumptious. I don’t have a bad word to say about this place and thoroughly recommend it for Korean food. It is, in fact the best Korean restaurant I’ve been to – although this probably won’t be the case come September when were are jetting off the very country itself!!!


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