Ceviche and Book of Mormon and everything else nice.

My girlfriend’s dad and his wife came to visit us in London for the weekend.
They arrived around midday and we were for lunch at Ceviche.
The food is Peruvian and delicious!
The dishes are tapas sized.
We ordered
Plantain Chips
01cc388c48c0a22259f694f65e83cb3e1c8efb58aa (Custom)

Sea Bass Ceviche

010c035e1a0c9d57af1ef2b92047f0da50922821b3 (Custom)

Best Dish – It was Amazing!

Scallop Ceviche

01ff817ec1027fcdb053d6daff775464710227dc23 (Custom)

Octopus and Chorizo

01492998e5d9059eab5d713b6efe99f359efac3bb2 (Custom)

Have to barbecue some octopus – it is amazing!

Lomo Saltado (Beef)

0117db0e6fb061f014c96a273828d7c68f9deb13ef (Custom)

Afterwards we went to watch Book of Mormon.

None of us knew anything about it so we had no idea what to expect apart from Mormons however…

It was great – it was hilarious and offensive and the songs were catchy and the next day I was playing them on youtube.

I am not going to spoil it but I thoroughly recommend it!

Afterwards we had a few beers at various pubs and food at Arbutus.

The food at Arbutus was lovely but not as cheap as I remember!

I had Pigs Head

0179e2d3abde5b42c23344735d9a0234d3c5a3ec84 (Custom)

Saddle of Rabbit

0125a7ce01596f1069d4693a4f6c63eeb66709d847 (Custom)

Lemon Tart with Warm yoghurt sorbet – strange

016f9766af0d3654f40c924b1aacf678a2e7a7d33d (Custom)

Then sufficiently drunk, and taking the wine home with us, we went our separate ways for the night and crashed out at home.

The next day we went to Brixton Indoor Market and had some brunch at the Brixton Village Grill.

My girlfriend had a full British Breakfast which she enjoyed.

I had Pirii Piri lamb chops with chips.

01de2617eeae52be9853afee2df844a9ed68f364bc (Custom)

The chips were delicious. My piri piri  sauce is better though – haha.

And that was the end of the exciting weekend 🙂



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