Pojang and Kimbap


Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. I should do it more frequently but I am busy at work and lazy!


Pojang is a new food stall that sells Kimbap and is ran by a couple of my friends.

For those who don’t know (I didn’t originally!) I will try and describe Kimbap without offending anyone. Kimbap to me is the Korean version of sushi which consists of seaweed, rice and a pickled radish (danmuji), spinach, carrot, omelette and a filling of your choice (typically tuna, cheese or tofu).

My girlfriend and I went to their inauguration on 7th May. There, in a quaint street food market, was the bustling Pojang. The street market was near London Bridge, Druid Street Market, and opened at 10am. Being terrible friends we arrived at around 1 pm and left after we ate. The food stall looked great. The Korean flag flapped proudly behind them and a cuddly kimbap hung cutely to the side (anything looks awesome with a cuddly kimbap). All of the ingredients were laid out for the expecting consumer to see, pick,take in and ask questions which our friends would answer with enthusiasm and excitement.


The menu looked awesome.


I opted for the tofu kimbap whilst my girlfriend selected tuna. The chefs are open to alterations to the recipe – be it an addition of gochujang inside the roll or ssamjang on the side. Each kimbap also comes with a complimentary cup of kimchi, – an accompaniment that needs a very acquired taste, something that Koreans definitely have,as do my friends. I, myself am not quite as keen. When the queue was starting to get mega, they offered the kimchi to people to help whet their appetite.

Since we have been to South Korea (not bragging or anything :p ) and have tried the real deal, we know what to expect and Pojang’s kimbap certainly didn’t let us down. It tasted authentic and so delicious.


I really cannot fault it.

So if you like kimbap or wish to try one of the world’s lesser known culinary delights, head on down to Pojang – you wont be disappointed!

If you’d like to visit their facebook page it’s:


Enjoy 🙂

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