Located on the upper end of Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, sits the Hot Dog and Champagne restaurant aptly named Bubbledogs, which my wife and I visited recently.

Typical of London trendy restaurants, the interior had a laid-back vibe – brick walls, wooden walls, wooden floors and high benches to sit at.


Bubbledogs has a great variety of hot dogs on offer (below) and customers can either choose pork , beef or vegetarian dogs.


I had a Beef Small Eye, which tasted like a Vietnamese Banh mi. If you have not heard or had a Banh mi, please do try one! You will not regret it! The Banh mi is a sandwich with a meat filling, pickled vegetables, chilli and coriander served in a baguette. It is salty, sweet, sour, spicy and ever so tasty! The Small Eye Hot Dog is very similar and it was great! I have to admit though, I do prefer a Bahnh mi to the hot dog but if you are a Hot Dog Lover, this is a great one to try.


My wife had a Mac Daddy Pork Hot Dog. Mac Daddy is essentially mac’n’cheese on top of the Hot Dog. The combination worked well together with the mac’n’cheese complimenting rather than overpowering the dog. The only downfall was it was hard to eat without the filling all falling out!


Overall, I thought the Hot Dogs were a little on the pricey side but I can’t complain about the flavours.

The sides were great. My wife had tater tots, which are essentially mini hash browns, and I had sweet potato fries.


Both were tasty but I do have a complaint. Bubbledogs does not serve chips! As I absolutely love chips, this was a little disappointing. Also I think it is a little crazy that a Hot Dog restaurant does not serve chips!



The Champagne menu is amazing and vast. It offers all types of different Champagne, from dry to fruity, spicy and pink, moderate to expensive. If you are not a champagne connoisseur then the waiters are happy to help and are incredibly knowledgeable.
We had a £59 bottle of champagne and it was fabulous! It was just a fantastic bottle of Champagne! The Champagne was Françoise Bedel, Dis, Vin Secret, Brut. I have no idea if £59 is cheap or expensive for Champagne but I was willing to pay it and I didn’t think it was outrageous.
If you do not want Champagne, there are soft drinks and other alcoholic beverages on offer!


The waiters were great. The food and drink was delivered in a timely manner, they were very happy to help, offered to take your coat and bag and didn’t pressure you with the bill.

Not too dissimilar to a fine dining restaurant, the waiters take control of the champagne bottle and pour it when your glasses are nearly empty. This may not be for everyone but I did not mind it.


As the concept of the restaurant suggests; this is not a restaurant that you spend hours at but due to the Champagne element it is that little bit fancier than your normal sit down fast food joint. Overall, I enjoyed the food and loved the Champagne, but I’m not convinced that they worked together. I wouldn’t go out of my way to go again but I also wouldn’t say no to going again. If you love Champagne and fancy some fast food at the same time, I’d recommend it!

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