TV: Jamie Oliver – Quick and Easy

Jamie Oliver is a man who needs no introduction as he is popular throughout the world. During his time working at the River Cafe, he was featured in a documentary named “Christmas at River Cafe” which is where he was first discovered and given his own show The Naked Chef. From then on he has grown and become a global TV chef, restaurateur and entrepreneur.

I am a great fan and watch all of his TV shows. I love cooking his food and have eaten at his chain Jamie’s Italian several times.

Jamie’s latest instalment is his show which is currently airing on Channel 4 (tonight at 8); Quick and Easy.


The concept for the TV Show ( and accompanying cookbook) is recipes that only use 5 ingredients that are quick and easy to make. This a great concept and some of the dishes are amazing. Jamie Oliver is a great charismatic chef that explains the recipes in a simple manner which anyone can follow. It is shot brilliantly and the meals look so appetising. My only two niggles with some of the recipes are:

  1. Often, the 5 ingredients do not make a full meal.
  2. Some of the ingredients are expensive or hard to find, such as Nduja.

However, these 2 niggles do not spoil the show and with every cooking show you are not going to like every recipe.

From the TV show, we have tried a few of his recipes. A couple of have not been as flavoursome as expected (comforting sausage bake) but there are others (which we adapted by adding a side) that have been huge successes that we love and will be featured on the next few posts. These are:

Messy meatball buns

Flaky pastry pesto chicken with Mash and Madeira Jus

Chorizo Salmon with cherry tomatoes



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