Plans for Serbia

My friends, wife and I are doing a tour of the Balkans (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia)

We agreed that we would each research a country each and I chose Serbia

We shall be travelling to Serbia from Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina,. Below are the travel options

Serbia Facts

The currency is Serbian Dinar

Serbia were in the world cup 2018 but were knocked out in the group stage (Come on ENGLAND!!! – Football is coming home)

Serbia has two flags (an official flag and a national flags)


The bus takes 7 hrs 10 mins to 8 hrs 10 mins. This is way too long for my liking

There are no direct trains between Sarajevo to Belgrade. This is not really a option.

5 and half hours to 6 and half hours depending on traffic and route.

50 minutes but this is probably the most expensive option and the price varies dramatically between each day of the week (from £80 on Tuesday a ticket to £240 a ticket on Wednesday – ouch)

Car seems to be a winner in my mind. Therefore I think a good idea is making a day out of the drive and hit a couple of spots on the way, which may add time to the journey but will add breaks to nourish the brain and body. An example of a journey is below

Sarajevo -> Bajina Basta, Serbia (3 hours, 7 minutes)

At Bajina Basta there is a random house in the river which looks cool.

Random House

(Picture from

No idea if there is anything else to do but the random house looks cool. Great photo spot!

Bajina Basta, Serbia -> Čačak, Serbia (1 hour 52 minutes)

At Čačak, there is a Čačak Mausoleum of Struggle and Victory. It is a massive stone structure with over 620 mythical creatures carved in. it looks pretty cool


(Picture from

Čačak, Serbia – > Belgrade, Serbia (2 hour 4 minutes)

If you drive direct it takes 5 – 6 hours as mentioned before.

This is definitely not the quickest route, as driving direct takes 5 -6 hours as previously mentioned,  and there maybe other sights on the route but  I’m trying to convey that a scenic road trip from Sarajevo to Belgrade is probably the best way to go


There are many things to do in Belgrade and below is a list of just a few

Kalemegdan Park – everyone loves a expansive park with a HISTORIC FORTRESS!!

Belgrade Fortress – HISTORIC FORTRESS!!

Nikola Tesla Museum – I’m fairly confident that will be interesting

Church of the Holy Mother of God – weapons used during WWI, are turned into chandeliers. It sounds interesting

Republic Square – All squares are awesome and it is always a must

Avala Tower – Telecommucation Tower!!!! Everyone loves a Tower with views!!! Well at least my wife and I do!!

Gardos Tower – Another awesome tower

This is just a short list as there appears to be a lot to do and we can easily spend a couple of days there.

There are also museums and art galleries like every other major city in the world

It is also has the Danube River – Did someone mention river tour? Who doesn’t love a river tour???

Speaking of rivers, Belgrade have river clubs for night life! This sounds super fun as long as no one is travel sick.


Nis is another area in Serbia and sounds full of interesting sights.  It is 2 and half drive away or 3 hour bus drive or 238km away and things to do are

Nis Fortress – Another fortress, awesome

Skull Tower – A stone structure embedded with humans heads

Bubanj Memorial Park


(Picture from

Red Cross Nazi Concentration Camp

Before anyone gets too smart, Nis is further than Belgrade to drive to from Savajero.

There is a Full-day Nis and Serbian history tour from £50ish each which may be great idea rather than driving or considering staying the night. My wife and I enjoy tours as you learn way more than just driving there, looking around and driving to the next place. It also includes food in the tour (note to wife).

Potential Itinerary

Day 1 – Scenic Tour of Serbia driving to Belgrade / Drive to Belgrade and explore Belgrade
Day 2 – Belgrade
Day 3 – Nis day tour
Day 4 – Belgrade / fly home

Transfer to airport

There is a bus (note: limited luggage space) or we could book a mini bus for roughly 40 euros (10 euros each)

If you have any tips or recommendations, please comment 😀



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