Radio Alice


My wife, our friend and I recently visited Radio Alice in Clapham; a Sourdough pizza restaurant which is very on trend right now.

The decor was very on trend too with modern, bright colours and exposed bricks.


Sourdough pizzas are all the rage at the moment, most notably with pizza chains such as Pizza Pilgrims and Franco Manca, and this is what drew me to Radio Alice.

I had a salami pizza which was nice. The base, tomato sauce and mozzarella was nice and the toppings were nice but that was it – nice. I also thought it was little too salty. Furthermore, the pizza was cut into slices which I was not overly keen on but that is just personal preference.


My wife had ‘Nduja pizza. Again the pizza was tasty but it wasn’t very special.


We also ordered a Salami platter which came with bread. I will talk more about this during the service section.


We all ordered two/thirds of a pint of beer – Five Points Pils. Why did we order two thirds? Because they don’t serve pints!?! What restaurant doesn’t serve pints and forces you to buy two/thirds of a pint?!?

The beer was nice though and I’d drink it again.


Service left a lot to be desired and was disappointing.

As mentioned previously, we ordered the Salami platter as a starter but it did not come as a starter. The pizzas came first and then the Salami platter came , which was not what we had in mind.  We conveyed our expectations to the waitress  (who we think was the maitre d) but she ignored this expectation, didn’t apologise and said nothing helpful. This was very disappointing.

We decided to eat the pizzas then eat the Salami platter as a “dessert”. The salami was nice but after pizza we sadly didn’t fancy the accompanying bread.


The pizzas were nice but the overall experience was a bit of a let down and not as good as its competitors.


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