My wife, friends and I visited Paris for the first May Bank holiday weekend.

I’ve been to Paris a few times and the first thing I noticed was a dramatic increase in scooters which you could hire, via an app. They were on every street corner and seemed very popular with the locals. Could this be the future for London?

We arrived Friday evening, dumped our bags at the lovely Airbnb, and then went to a hidden bar!!! The bar was named Baranaan and it was awesome! The theme of the bar was a Indian train, with train tracks on the floor and AV screens on the wall playing scenery to show the train in motion!

The cocktails were Indian themed and so was the food. My cocktail was a fruity cocktail with Vodka.

The presentation was ace!

The tapas style Indian food was also a knockout.  We had Bollywood style potatoes, croquettes, nan bread and a burrata and aubergine dish, all of which were mouth droolingly good.


After that we went in search of a restaurant and stumbled across a lovely little restaurant, near the canals, named Les Vinaigriers

My friend and I had the lamb. My wife had seabass and my other friend had a vegetarian dish.


The desserts were great too. One friend had a rice pudding while my other mate and my wife had the Kiwi pavlova with tarragon. The pavlova was tasty but tasted a little odd with the added aniseed flavour.


We had one more beer at a pub then went to sleep!

Saturday morning was rainy and cold and we started the day with baguettes, croissants and other pastries in our Airbnb.

We then went to the Metiers Art Museum, which had a vast array of exhibits. For example, it had; units of measurement, classic vehicles, a random art video, cogs and animatronics / puppets. The museum was interesting and I thoroughly recommend if you are in Paris.


After the museum, we went to a cafe nearby and had some lunch. I had the classic chicken ceasar salad, which is always a joy and also always randomly expensive.

After lunch, we took a walk to see the aftermath of Notre Dame and then had a beer at a bar in Le Marche.


On our way back to the flat, we stumbled across a shop selling comic book / movie art work / sculptures from Star Wars, Marvel and Alien, just to name a few. There were several storm trooper heads in the shopfront, all decorated and priced differently. The most expensive storm trooper head, which was diamond encrusted, was priced at 10,000 euros. The shop was interesting and the art was cool. Downstairs there were arcade machines as well.

We then chilled out at the Airbnb for a while and then went out to a bar and then to a restaurant named Philou for wine, carrot soups and risottos of various sorts.


We also met one of my friends friend, who was in Paris at the same time as us. He lives in a van in the park Bois de Vincennes for free.  Living in a van is not for me but it is cool that you can live so close to Paris for free.

After the meal, we ended up a pop up bar selling Belgium beer, had a couple of beers and then went to sleep.

Sunday was also cold and wet and we started off the day with Brunch at a local cafe.  I had my first Pain Perdu and I enjoyed it.


After the brunch, we went to the Champs-Élysées and the Arc de Triomphe. No cars were allowed in the vicinity of the Champs-Élysées which was interesting.

For a late lunch we went to a hispter bar / eaterie named La Recyclerie in North Paris where we shared a vegetarian platter.


After that, we chilled at the Airbnb and then went to one bar and a restaurant for some frites.

For food that night, we went to my first ever Vegan restaurant named Le Potager du Marais and it was tasty and also super filling.
For Starters as a group, we had onion soups, a baked potato and seaweed tapenade.


The starters were tasty but who has a whole baked potato as a starter?!? That would do most people for their main!

For mains we had chickpea balls, vegan lasagne and Seitan Bourguignon.


The chickpea balls were delicious, the lasagne lacked tomatoes and to me Seitan was a weird stodgy dumpling like texture and no replacement for beef! Saying that though, the vegan food was tasty and I would be more than happy to eat at a vegetarian or vegan restaurant again.

As we were so full, we went home and slept.

Monday was not wet! Sods law, as that was the day we were going back to London and a further kick in the teeth was that the Eurostar was delayed!

Prior to the Eurostar, we stopped off at Holybelly for brunch, which was great.

All in all, a good time had by all.


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