Peanut Butter Brownies

A delicious alternative to your average brownie Makes: 10-12 Brownies Prep Time: 20 minutes Cooking Time: 30 minutes Difficulty: Easy Ingredients: 225g crunchy peanut butter 150g bar dark chocolate, broken into pieces 280g soft light brown sugar 3 medium eggs 100g self-raising flour Method: -Heat oven to 180C/160C fan. -Line a 20cm square baking tin with baking parchment. -Gently melt 175g peanut butter, chocolate and … Continue reading Peanut Butter Brownies

Saffron, Pistachio & White Chocolate Cookies

These cookies are so moreish and easy to make! Makes: 15-20 Cookies Prep Time: 20 minutes + overnight Cooking Time: 12-15 minutes per batch Difficulty: Easy Ingredients: 30ml milk big pinch saffron 220g butter, melted 1 large egg 100g golden caster sugar 100g light brown soft sugar 300g plain flour 1/2 tsp baking powder 200g white chocolate 100g pistachios, roughly chopped Salt Method: – Warm … Continue reading Saffron, Pistachio & White Chocolate Cookies

Election Day – Go Vote! and Lime Drizzle Cake

Today in the UK is election day! If you live in Britain and are eligible to vote – Go Vote! I will tonight. I won’t say any political views apart from I’m not very fond of UKIP. Anyway, after you’ve voted, go home and make this awesome cake 🙂 Serves: 2-8 Prep Time: 30 minutes Cooking Time – 45 minutes Ingredients: Cake: 125g butter, diced (plus extra … Continue reading Election Day – Go Vote! and Lime Drizzle Cake

Burger and Lobster and Rocky Road Cake

Recently my brother, his girlfriend, my girlfriend and I went to a restaurant in London named Burger & Lobster. This restaurant is pretty popular small chain (four) in London. There are three options 1. Whole lobster 2. Burger 3. Lobster roll All costing £20. I think everyone that talks about the restaurant has the same view – expensive for a burger but not too bad … Continue reading Burger and Lobster and Rocky Road Cake

Chocolate Brownie – With Passion fruit Sorbet (And a Zoo)

As I said in my last post (About Arbutus) it was my girlfriends birthday recently and as well as going to Arbutus we also went to the London Zoo. I thought it would be fun. The entry I thought was quite expensive but hopefully it is going to improve the lives of the animals! My girlfriends favourite animal at a zoo are the giraffes so … Continue reading Chocolate Brownie – With Passion fruit Sorbet (And a Zoo)

Sorbet, Drugs (wine) and Rock’n’roll

Let’s start off with one of my New Year resolutions, learning a guitar song once a month. I bought a guitar a couple of years ago and I have only learnt how to play two songs the whole way through- bad isn’t it?– ( Johnny Cash – Hurt and Frank Turner – I Still Believe). I’m too lazy to learn whole songs. However, I’d love to … Continue reading Sorbet, Drugs (wine) and Rock’n’roll