Birthday, Hawksmoor and Singapore Noodles

My birthday was at the end of March. To celebrate, I spent the day in London with my girlfriend. As some of you may know or not, it is a rare occasion for me to be in the UK for my birthday – I had no passport as it was being renewed. The day started amazingly – pancakes for breakfast and presents. The pancakes were … Continue reading Birthday, Hawksmoor and Singapore Noodles


I am currently away on work and my chance to cook has decreased, hence my number of posts a week is decreasing – but I am trying to still do one post a week! This week is about Recipease. Recipease is a cooking course which Jamie Oliver owns (no – Jamie Oliver wasn’t there) My girlfriend and I did this course in Brighton on Vietnamese … Continue reading Recipease

Sorbet, Drugs (wine) and Rock’n’roll

Let’s start off with one of my New Year resolutions, learning a guitar song once a month. I bought a guitar a couple of years ago and I have only learnt how to play two songs the whole way through- bad isn’t it?– ( Johnny Cash – Hurt and Frank Turner – I Still Believe). I’m too lazy to learn whole songs. However, I’d love to … Continue reading Sorbet, Drugs (wine) and Rock’n’roll