Located in the south-west of France on the banks of the Rover Garonne is the industrial, student city of Toulouse. Toulouse was an impromptu break for us, based primarily on it being one of the cheapest flights available (under £200 for both of us) to a country with food that we love. We departed on 12th June and returned on the 15th. The Hotel We … Continue reading Toulouse

Plans for Serbia

My friends, wife and I are doing a tour of the Balkans (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia) We agreed that we would each research a country each and I chose Serbia We shall be travelling to Serbia from Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina,. Below are the travel options Serbia Facts The currency is Serbian Dinar Serbia were in the world cup 2018 but were knocked … Continue reading Plans for Serbia


This is a guest post from my wife. Enjoy 🙂 I turned 30 on 1st February (woo…) and my husband and I decided to go away for it as a treat. I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland (and hopefully see the Northern Lights!) so we booked to go from 31stJanuary-4th February 2018.  Below is what I learnt with some tips along the way…   Getting there with … Continue reading Iceland


Holiday from last year My girlfriend and I went to Geneva on holiday. Tuesday Night We went to a hotel near Gatwick airport, had a few pints and a meal (now becoming our usual nice way to start the holiday). Wednesday We woke up stupidly early and caught a flight to Geneva. We arrived at the hotel and was bumped up to a junior suite. … Continue reading Geneva

Copenhagen Part 1

My girlfriend and I went to Copenhagen in December to look around the Christmas market. We supposedly booked a Saturday morning flight. We ended up flying Saturday afternoon with Easyjet. What was surprising was because of the delay, Easyjet were giving out a complimentary drink and snack (cheapest drink and snack and no alcohol) but a complimentary drink and snack non-the-less! – What a rare … Continue reading Copenhagen Part 1


My girlfriend and I, now known as we, recently had a trip to Sheffield for a “university reunion”. There was basically 5/6 of us, now known as the group (sounds like a contract when I write that), who went to Sheffield for a weekend for a bit of trip down memory lane / piss-up. Mostly it was the latter. We arrived early evening on the … Continue reading Sheffield